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Tara, a beauty working in a high-end jewelry store, fell in love with hotel owner Max Richmond and shared his bed the night they met. One year later, their relationship has continued, but Tara feels more like a mistress than a proper girlfriend. Max is busy with various trips around the world for his work, and their “dates” aren’t dates at all. They spend all their time together in bed and never talk about the future. What’s going to happen now? And to make matters worse, just when doubt has started to grow in her chest, Tara realizes that she'’s pregnant with Max’s baby…

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Now, the heroine has been in a relationship with the hero and believes they're boyfriend and girlfriend for over a year. Her mother says otherwise by listing the fact he won't take her to see his family and friends, she waits on him periodically with declining hangouts with friends, and whenever she comes to his calling to have only coitus. The heroine runs off in a huff but her mother's words stay in her head with good reason. Now, she knows that hero's relationship with his parents are estranged for a long time but other than knowing of his brother's death, there's very little. That can be expected but mother was right on it all. The heroine has given up her friends in order to be ready for the hero's bell to come running. Yet, he's never introduced to his friends nor introduced her to them. Plus, she can't think of a time together where they didn't have coitus. There's no dinner and movies, no playing cards, or even a coffee date. Although, the heroine's has responsibility in not pushing for board games instead of bed play nor thinking of introducing her friends to him as a hint for him to introduce his friends to her. Then here comes the major push factor that I as the reader am shocked that the hero didn't get the signs. I mean he gave her a ring, without remembering what a ring means to women in you're in a relationship with them. Then he tells her to come with him overseas like giving up her job and everything. He does say I love you to her and it works. She actually agrees to it but manages to get that light bulb lit that the whole living arrangements would make her 100% mistress. Then she finds out she's pregnant and thinks the pregnancy will be the end of their relationship. So, she places distances between the hero who's confused and hurt. Then her mother adds chaos leading the heroine to let the cat out of the bag. He goes after the heroine but can't find her. He does tell the mother of his intentions to marry the heroine and convinces her that he means well and loves her daughter. He finally sees from the way their relationship has been that it's no wonder she was title as the "lady friend" because it's nicer than mistress. During his search, he finally decides to confront his family and learns a lot. He finds out that his father's neglect towards his brother is because his brother is a product of an affair between his mother and OM. The father was barely home, making the mother so lonely that she turned to someone else for a short time. After the brother was born, the father forgave her but had a hard time accepting the brother. He couldn't even bear to watch someone he love about lie ill with cancer in the hospital. So, he dove himself deeper into work until it was too late. It took a heart attack for him to realize his huge mistake and he's regretted it ever since. The hero and his mother come to terms then he puts out a missing ad of the heroine. Once he finds her, he's got high walls to climb. The heroine makes him prove himself by no work or phone. That he has to sleep in a separate bed. During the week, the hero enjoys the vacation from work and thinks it would be a good idea to downsize in order to spend more time at home and with the heroine. This would also be a way to prove to the heroine that he's serious about them. So, on the last day, he heads off to sell some businesses but the heroine misinterprets and thinks he couldn't do what she asked him. However, she's advised by a friend to trust the hero. Later that night, the hero comes back with news of the downsize then gives this pretty good speech and proposal. The heroine sees the truth in his words and says yes. We end the story with their wedding.

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