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Sophie was coldly rejected by her lover, Daniel, and in a cruel twist of fate, wound up marrying his younger brother, Michael. Daniel left the country with hatred still burning in his heart. But when he’s called back home after his brother’s death, the gears of fate begin to turn again! How can Sophie bear to live in the same town and work with Daniel? And why does just the sight of him make her heart flutter? Could it be because she still loves him? Or is it because of the unspeakable truth she'’s been keeping from him?

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Im team Dr Todd! ~ screw the leads stupid leads. 3  3

First of all, Sophie is not some rag doll you can toss aside and give away to your brother when he asks for it and you feel guilty enough to easily give her away. Second, how dare Michael have the gutts to call Sophie names after hes the douche who treated her as some cheap woman? Lastly, why would she want this idiot back? Team Todd!!! Actually hes too wonderful for Sophie who is so thick skinned to chose to go about with the brothers like that. Id be so embarassed to even live in the same house as them esp after he died. Gosh- shes so annoying and hes so irritating and self centered.

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stupid brother 3  3

I really can't believe the hero and heroine of this whole book. For one, I can't believe the hero "gave" his brother his girlfriend because he was feeling guilty about the accident that paralyzed his brother from the waist down, unable to have children. The heroine for giving in so quick to the brothers for both lying. I can't believe the brother of the hero, yes, he has a right to be angry because of the accident but if he loved the heroine, he wouldn't have treated her like an object that passed from brother to brother. He wouldn't have used his brother's guilt to advance his own selfish plans. I felt sorry for the father of the two because he knew that the son of the heroine wasn't the brother's but the hero's and couldn't tell the hero because he loved the heroine and tried to respect her decision. I think that the only people that I loved was the housekeeper and the son. They were cute. The ending was nice but seriously, I don't care how you were in love with the girl from when you were kids. You can use your disability for a lot like free ice cream, not for that. That action is an insult.

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