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Gianna’s marriage is haunted by suspicion. Her husband, Franco, the man she’s loved since she was a girl, is the young CEO of an international corporation. However, their marriage is political, not one built on love. Unaware of Franco’s true feelings, Gianna’s confidence is smashed to pieces when his ex-girlfriend, the world-renowned actress Famke, appears. Despite being married to a millionaire herself, Famke has returned to seduce Franco and scorns Gianna as being nothing more than Franco’s PR wife, kept only for the sake of appearances. And, to make matters worse, Famke’s outrageous conduct has the gossip magazines raving!

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editor's comment - September 23rd, 2016

I like the hero, Franco in this comic, always so calm and gentleman. Since the marriage is political, it is hard for the heroine, Gianna not to worry about her husband having an affair outside. Franco could have done better in assuring Gianna that she is loved instead of making her feel that they are just fronting.

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She's a stalker 2.5 3  3

The hero and heroine are married in the beginning but they seem to have a determined obstacle in their path. The two of them got married at the order of their grandparents. While, it seems that the two of them are the happy couple, the heroine is afraid that the hero doesn't love her but with how he treats her with kindness and giving her a heads up on how the media are going to attack her with questions on how she feels on the OW's recent divorce. It's plain to see that the hero loves the heroine but she resistants him touching or anything even though he's being honest about everything like the OW calling him every minute of the day. The OW is attacking the heroine by sending her texts, pictures of her and the hero, etc. Unfortunately, the heroine attacks the hero in frustration, which I found sad because it's the OW not him who's making her life crazy. I do like that the heroine has some fight in her and can cause cracks in the OW's over done makeup. Sadly, even when the hero rejects the OW in front of both public and heroine, she still refuses to believe him. It's only she has the receipt and statements from other people of the hero's actions, plus an expensive desk that the heroine and OW were bidding against to get. The two of them seem to reconcile and it holds strong even when the OW makes a final attempt to break them apart. Finally, the hero brings up lawsuit (for her harassment & stalking) which shuts the OW up good. The ending ends with two little children and the heroine smiling.

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Cant stand the heroine 2  2

I couldnt agree more with the previous review. Im only half way through the story and i couldnt stand the heroine character at all. I know she has an arranged marriage but she has a perfect husband who was so gentle, caring and so dashing. But she still hasnt satisfied until he said he loves her, though from his actions he is definitely show them thoroughly. This woman is so insecure that she was shackled easily by the ex’s harrasment. Urgh, if she has too many complaints, just give her husband to me. I will treat him better *evil laugh*

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irritating lead and lame story 1  1

Pretty rich girl problems. Tell me you love me. Wa wa wa... THe entire time its about the guy telling her calm down woman Im not cheating. And its all, I'll shut you up with a kiss then it repeats. Never ending are you cheating are you cheating? Gosh she needs a hobby.

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