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Handsome young Luke arrives at rural Bay Beach Children’s Home, his expensive car making him look out of place. He then attempts to hand over his baby sister to the home’s “mother,” Wendy. But Wendy is dealing with her own complications, and she’s quitting her job that very day, so she cannot acquiesce to his demand. Luke will entrust the baby to no one but her, no matter what, so he hires her as a nanny and offers her a place to live with the baby. But before she agrees, Wendy has one condition: he has to live with them!

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don't judge the car 4  4

I liked the heroine for a lot things, I just feel sad that she judged a person in a negative perspective because of the car because a fancy car can hurt someone. Any car can hurt someone, whether it is a Volkswagen or Ferrari. So to start off, the heroine is a house mother who is taking a little girl away because her mother is a serious piece of work who enjoys nothing more than emotionally and mentally harming the child all because her dead father isn't there to be tortured. The woman is a beast, so the heroine is taking the little girl out of sight, the hero needs the heroine to look after his newly discovered half-sister by his cheating, cold (both metaphorically and literal) father. He is leaving her there because she remembers the place as a happy place and wants to give her the same happiness. This shows that he isn't as cold and heartless but wants only the heroine to take care of her who is leaving that same day. A solution is found and the hero and the heroine go to the hero's birth home that is in ruins. It become more interesting as the two of them work together in order to bring the house alive again. I loved reading that part. They start learning more about each other, their pasts like the hero's sad loss of the people who loved him and the heroine's dead spouse who's love of reckless driving costed him more than his own life but also a child's life. I fell totally in love with her hero when he brought the little girl a gift of a puppy. It was so sweet and the puppy was just absolutely adorable. They seem to grow closer and closer but the heroine is holding back from the pain of her husband and being unable to trust people. Then the dinner and the confession was so beautiful I thought that it was going well until the heroine told the hero to get rid of the car, which he says no and the heroine because it's a part of who he is and he is different from the heroine's first husband. However, nearly hitting a wombat causes the heroine to openly regret everything with the hero and the hero leaves the heroine with the two girls. Two months later and the hero receives word that the little girl's beastly mother has come to take the little girl. Now, here is what I don't understand there could be a multitude of evidence against the mother because if she first left the little girl at the age of three in the home then continuously visited her then dropping her off again over an expanse of 2 years then that should raise some questions. Not only that, judging by the clothes she wears, she should have a good financial source so have the lawyer say this, "If you have such a stable income, why don't you take your child in or how come you have been continuously leaving your only child in a home?" Then you bring up a psychologist on the negative effects of a child being continuously left behind. That should give the judge a good stand against the mother. Moving on, as the beastly mother is about to take the little girl, the hero comes in and saves the day. He gives up the fancy car and pays the woman off to sign the giving up custom right papers. It was absolutely sweet and I loved the ending. A book to read.

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