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Suspected of committing a crime of which she has no recollection, Georgie is speechless. She claims innocence, but no one believes her, and she suddenly finds herself living under the surveillance of an attractive yet arrogant Secret Service agent. His cold gaze follows her everywhere and doesn’t miss a single move, yet inexplicably Georgie also senses passion in his eyes. She’s afraid of an unknown enemy and intimidated by her strong and handsome government shadow.Can there be love between twopeople in such extreme circumstances?

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rodeo queen 4  4

I liked this story some because the heroine is an independent woman with a child. She is the rodeo queen and saves money in order to live a life of a rancher. I liked that the hero was a government, sent to investigate the heroine because threats made to a certain senator were sent by the heroine' computer in her home but during the time she was away. Now, this made me wonder a bit because she states that she was gone from home for five months, going all over the country doing rodeos. Plus, from the original book states that it was published in 2008 and surely during those five months, they would have found her on a tape in a different stat that would have made it impossible to enter. Though, the imposter that is disguised, looking very much like the heroine on the tape is hard to say and harder since they took all the heroine's money and bought a whole bunch of useless stuff. I did like that we get to see the hero's thoughts and how he helps her find out who is impersonating her, not to mention getting her money back. I really like that the two of them start getting along and how the hero treats the heroine's daughter because it's so sweet. The hero then finds out that the heroine is senator's illegitimate niece whose father (senator's younger brother) walked out the heroine's mother, while she was pregnant and married a rich widow with a child. That leaves some suspicion. The suspect who took the money was the child of the widow who blamed the heroine and her mother for making her mother and her life miserable. This is what I don't understand, the heroine and her mother were abandoned by the heroine's father who married the widow and squandered the money. The only thing that the heroine had of any money from the widow was a ring that the father bought the mother. That is literally it, so why does the widow's child get mad at her, get mad and take revenge on the man who made her life miserable, not the child that he abandoned. That doesn't make any sense. I love the twist in the end, I won't say but it really makes a sweet ending with the heroine, hero, and the heroine little girl together.

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