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Charlotte is invited to the mansion of aprestigious family for a dreamlike weekend. During her visit she becomes completely engrossed with the gorgeous and intimidating Simon and falls prey to his charm the moment they kiss. After spending a passionate night with a man she knows is out of her league, she tells herself to go back to her own reality, but little does she know that there’s a secret plan behind her invitation! Or that her relationship with Simon is destined to go much deeper!

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a woman worth diamonds 3  3

The heroine goes out with a guy she recently met but after the test of meeting the roommate, she finds him and his poor attitude to be less than attractive. Frankly, with his poor attitude, I was disappointed that they let him drink their wine. The man pulls out that he'll see her later thing. So, she brushes him off and mores on to more important things like work. During her workhorse at the bookstore, she meets the hero who the errand boy for his grandfather. The heroine finds him to be a very patient and kind man when it came to rude and cut the line customers to get the book. He catches her off guard by inviting her to dinner but she doesn't say no and ends up enjoying the dinner with him. They learn more about each other like the heroine's birthmother's past has caused the heroine to have a policy of no dating the married men. The hero then asks the heroine if she would meet his grandfather and she agrees. In the 24 hours after they have coitus, the hero suggests to the heroine that they should get married since they didn't use protection. In fact, the hero wants to have the wedding this week and the heroine has no objections to it because she's over the moon about the whole thing. The hero says that he wants to have the wedding as soon as possible, while his grandfather is still alive. It takes the artist friend to notice the family resemblance between the heroine and one of the portraits of a child that passed away. The heroine also notices the hero's distance that he's put between the two. The heroine also learns of the hero's sister who eloped with a man that didn't meet the hero and grandfather's approval but she eloped with the man. Then she gets into an accident that caused her to lose the ability to walk, miscarry her child, and can't ever have another child. The grandfather then gives the heroine the family diamond necklace as part of her wedding outfit. The hero and heroine have a bad first night but it gets better on the second day of their honeymoon. They start to have fun till they receive word that the grandfather's condition has taken a turn for the worse. As they stay by the grandfather's side, the grandfather reveals that the heroine's grandmother was his sister, the twin sister of the dead child in the portrait. Apparently, she got pregnant and was disowned by the family and have the heroine's mother. It's why the grandfather gave the heroine the diamond necklace because it was originally hers to inherit. After the funeral, the heroine's friend comes by to tell her about the OM who said something strange when the friend told him when he called the heroine that she married the hero. His words were, "He beat me to it! I won't give up [Hero's name]." The heroine is confused at this newfound connection and wonders what's going on. Before she can question the hero, he asks her to meet his sister who accuses the heroine of cheating with her husband who turns out to be the OM. The heroine denies this and she had no idea that the man was married. The hero reveals that he knew what was going on and he played a part in the OM's trip and had suspected the OM and the heroine were conspiring to steal the fortune. However, when he learned the heroine had a roommate and seeing what a wonderful person the heroine is after spending time with her, realized that she isn't an adulteress. They prove the heroine's innocence to the sister by putting the friend on speakerphone and her story matches up with the heroine's story. The sister plans to go along with the divorce and our main couple is finally alone. The heroine starts to leave the hero but the he tries to stop her. She shouts at him for lying and using her. The hero says that he did have an ulterior motive at first but he married her because he fell in love with her. That was one of the reasons why he became distant was because he was afraid of her finding out about all the issues and losing her entirely. It's not a bad ending.

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