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Miranda will never forgive Callum Ironstone! For the past three years, she has despised Callum, who drove her father to commit suicide after accusing him of misappropriation of company funds. Yet now he wants to hire Miranda as a cook for his party. Why did he ask her this, if he knows that she hates him? Further perplexing Miranda is the way he looks at her, as if he hungers for her deeply. Now she must decide how far she will go for her work…and how far she’ll go with this man!

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need more than just mistletoe 3  3

The heroine has held a deep grudge against the hero since she was young teenage when he publicly stated on television that the heroine's father was found guilty for embezzling the company's money. When things couldn't get any worse, the heroine's father commits suicide and their financial station takes a turn for the worse. When the hero arrived at the funeral, the heroine screamed that it was his fault and he stated her father stole and she needed to grow up. After years of working hard and supporting her family as a cook because the other two members don't have sense for finance, the hero calls her to his company to propose a job since she can't get high end job for her skills since her father's criminal status keeps others from hiring her. She rejects his offers and finds out that from her father's life insurance was void since he committed suicide and it was the hero who paid the family to help him. Enraged at news, she leaves but the hero convinces to use the opportunity to get the money to start her business. However, on the night of the dinner party where he's supposed to propose to a business partner's daughter, the hero doesn't because he's too busy staring at the heroine. After all the guests are off, the hero seduces and the heroine consents to a hot night of love. I was a little surprised by the heroine's accepting his advances since she's still bitter about her father's death. I promise it gets tragically worse in the morning because the heroine finds the ring box in the hero's jacket pocket right in front of him. She figures out what was supposed to happen last night and but thinks the OW rejected his advances and he settled for the hero. She ignores him and then has more added to her plate of her younger dumb brother who decided to take the company car for a spin and damaged it. Now, if he doesn't fix it soon, he's going to be arrested for theft and the cherry on top is that he's works for the hero's company. She tries to go to the hero to tell him what happened but she doesn't get a word in with him throwing all this great opportunity plans at her that pertain to her brother. Now, she's at a loss of which side to pick: being honest to the hero or protecting her younger brother. Of course, the heroine chooses the brother and says she came by to thank the hero for the job opportunity he gave her. The hero gives the heroine another job opportunity for a party. And after the party, he jumps the gun and asks the heroine to marry him. So, the book is almost halfway and for the rest of the story, the hero has work hard into the heroine's heart with honesty and charm. The heroine is faced with brother who's being blackmailed and wants to give in but she knows reason enough to go to the hero and the police and a mother who doesn't get the idea of restricting oneself to buying things. I mean, I get a hanker to stop by a cafe for a treat or a drink but I keep on moving because I know I can save myself the money with making my own drink. Plus, the hero finally shows the heroine proof that her father really did steal and comforts her as she cries. In that moment, the heroine confesses the brother's crimes and the blackmail and the hero accepts, forgives, and offers his help. Later on, the hero publicizes the heroine and him are getting married but the heroine rejects his proposal privately. It's probably because she doesn't want to drag him into family problems. Then on the way back, she gets a call that the brother is in trouble and goes to help him. As the bad guys start to descend on the heroine who's shielding her brother, the hero comes to the rescue. The whole thing finally shocks the brother and the mother to revaluate their thinking process. The heroine and hero are alone and she confesses her love to the hero and they happily ever after. It was alright but it didn't hold my boat for long.

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