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Arlene comes from a broken family and has been lonely for as long as she can remember. One day, she inherits a gift from her family, a run-down vineyard that belonged to her late great-uncle. Determined to restore the vineyard, Arlene decides to visit the wine region in Sardinia, Italy, but what she doesn't realize is that she is about to have a private lesson with a gorgeous local winery owner!

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a vineyard in Canada? 5  5

I must say that I was surprised when I read this book, I mean a vineyard in Canada is new. I didn't think that you could do it because Canada is so far north but I checked it online and sure enough, it's true. I liked how the hero and the heroin met because the heroine wants to learn how to bring back a dying Canadian vineyard and goes to Sardinia to learn. I liked the hero because he even though he's brutally honest on the hopes that they can bring the vineyard back to life, he still helps her. I love the hero's big family and how they are open and friendly to the heroine. I also liked the hero's reaction and change when he realized that the heroine's "friend" is a female. You can only blame the hero because he came to the assumption that the "friend" was a he. The heroine never gave any gender forms when describing her friend. I like how hardworking the heroine is at learning the industry of wine and how the hero is such a good and patient teacher. I did like that there was some tensed attraction between the two but it didn't go any further until 50 pages had gone by. I was also glad that the heroine was not a virgin because as much as I love women who don't have sex, I get tried of the whole women "men not virgins and the women are virgins,". As we read further on, we find out just what a golden guy the hero is because he takes in a family with sons who are slow but real sweet hearts. I must say that the OW was nasty, it was like every word that came out of her mouth was dipped in venom. I was crushed when the hero begged the heroine not to leave and she did. I was saying, "Don't leave such a good MAN," to the heroine. So, they spend some time separated till the hero comes in to help the heroine bring back the vineyard with financial support. I was bit surprised at the heroine, thinking that the hero wanted to buy out her land. She knew he was such a good guy, why did she want to make him look like a villain is beyond me. I love the confession between the two and the ending was spectacular because there was a cute little boy and they were there together. I seriously loved it. It was definitely a book worth reading.

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