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When Marco agrees to an exclusive interview, Isobel is intrigued. Marco’s business dealings and beautiful face have gained him the world’s attention and a million-dollar empire. Just as she’d imagined, he is a selfish man, informing her when they meet that they’ll be going to his house in Nice.Whether she likes it or not. Kicking and screaming, she accompanies him…and she comes to learn some surprising things about him, throwing her heart into chaos.

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3.5 The report on love 4  4

The heroine is a reporter who has a negative view on the hero and has her opinions printed in her financial column. The hero reads this and decides to get the story to come in for an private interview to ask her own questions and decides that if the hero is really the jerk the heroine has described him as or not. The heroine also has a personal vendetta against the hero because he destroyed her family business. The two bicker and banter with each other that seems to humor the hero enough to laugh, something that surprises the heroine. It takes a hot dinner and a hot anger for the heroine to reveal what the hero did to her family's business but it seems that the hero did his own research on the heroine before she revealed her past to him. He states that the company was on the verge of failing that he bought to save and the source of problem was her father's constant embezzling of company funds. The heroine believes him because she knew her father as not a good man. They start working together with the heroine becoming attracted to the hero even though she tries to deny it. The hero is feeling the same but he's not stopping his attraction for her. Yet, the attraction is only heated to the boiling point of a hot night after running in the rain from a party. The hero opens up about his last marriage to the woman he married for love and supported in her acting career but she aborted their child when he asked her to leave temporarily. That is why he divorced her in the first place. The heroine grows close to the hero but she breaks their relationship when he gives her a necklace as a memento of their time together. The heroine writes a truthful article that puts the hero in a positive light and he goes to see her. By that time, the heroine has seen the hero in the papers with other women and thinks he's moved on from her and discovers she's pregnant. The hero finds out that day that she is in fact pregnant with his child and their conversation in badly with the heroine kicking out the hero out of her house. So, the hero uses the heroine's boss in order to get her time alone with him. She collapses and wakes up to the hero's worried face in the hospital. She was practically in a coma for two days and the whole thing gives them a chance to finally talk things out about how the two of them want to marry for love and they confess that they are both in love with each other. They end it with a smile and a kiss.

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