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Engaged to a bigwig in the fashion industry and selected as the face of a new brand, Lucy is as happy as could be. Until she stumbles upon some documents and discovers the horrible truth. Everything—the rebranding of the company, the proposal and her selection—was a part of the plan. Fueled by anger, she bursts into the press conference announcing the new brand before running away with the evidence. When she runs right into Nathaniel Hart’s department store, he dodges her as she barrels past, but for some reason, he feels compelled to go after her...!

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where's the christmas romance 4  4

It felt like there wasn't enough romance for me. We have a heroine who finds out that the whole finding her true love with the ceo was a plan to mass produce some sort of product but when finding the evidence that would destroy, insteading of getting upset that her love was false, she calls off the engagement in front of a live conference and runs away to hide in a mall, run by the hero. She gets an elf job but has no where to go since she was living with the man and she can't go back. The hero is a gentleman and gives her a place to stay. It feels like at first there is a spark but it only stayed as a spark. There were some cute scenes with snowmen and snowball fights. We learn that the hero's cousin physically abused his wife because of three things: 1) she went on a couple of dates with the hero before meeting the cousin, 2) he felt that the hero was a rival even though they weren't working in the same industry: cousin big store manager and hero an architect, and 3) he was a jerk. The hero blames himself since he designed the building of the cousin's store and I'm like, "No, you did your job and your cousin is jealous because you designed something that would represent his store. Your cousin has major issues," In the end, a car crash killed the woman and confined the cousin to a wheelchair. Not a happy ending. I did like that the two listed the options on what to do with the man's plans, putting out the pros and cons of each decision. We learn also that the heroine was abandoned and the man apparently found her "mother", although the heroine doesn't believe she is since he lied about everything. Then we are left at a cliff hanger, whether the woman is actually the heroine's birth mother. The ending was sweet but I really wanted more.

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