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Layla has been cursed with terrible luck ever since she decided to fly to the desert nation of Al Ankhara in search of the father she never knew. After their reunion, her father tricks her, locks her up in his estate and gives her away, as if she’s an object, to be married to an unknown enemy! But it’s not like Layla to give up easily. She manages to escape her guard and make a run for it, until she’s spotted by none other than the handsome and haughty Sheikh Halil.

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nasty father 5  5

The heroine has such a her of a father. I mean, who goes off to sell their own child to a brute after the girl comes looking for you after not being able to see you for 23 years. Guess who, the heroine's father. The heroine tries to escape but is caught by the hero who is able to figure that there is something wrong and talks directly to Layla, asking what is wrong. It's very polite on the hero's part, if not rude to the father, which I liked very much just as wells that the heroine can speak some Arabic. The hero goes against his country ways in order to protect the heroine when he finds out the truth and they start spending some time in Paris. Quite romantic, I also liked that when the hero started being cold, the heroine stood her ground and in an adult manner, told the hero that she wanted to know the truth. The hero tells her truth: in order to keep bad man from getting to heroine, the hero lied saying that they were getting married. Then the heroine made some good points in the argument that leaving her without the decision was no different from what her father did. I did find it a little sad that the heroine gave into the hero so quickly with sex. However, I also liked how the hero comforted the heroine when dealing with the fact that her father was a real creep. I also liked that we see a cute honeymoon couple moments like when the heroine is cooking breakfast in the hero's shirt and the hero is setting the table. I also liked that the reader gets to see the hero and heroine's thoughts. There are a couple of obstacles but I really love the heroine and hero's teacher because he is so cute. I do like how the heroine also handled herself towards the sheikh. The ending was great and a book worth reading.

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