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Becca is shocked when her estranged uncle summons her to his estate—especially when he’s always hated her for being born out of wedlock. When she arrives, she finds her cousin Larissa’s fiancé waiting with an unusual idea:. Since Becca looks so much like her cousin, his plan is to trick everyone into believing that Becca is Larissa to win back the family fortune that Larissa has promised to her lover. Before she even has a chance to think, Becca begins her fake life as Leo’s replacement fiancée… Will she be able to play the part?

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3 rich makes you rot 3  3

Good grief, what a nasty bunch of people in that single family. The heroine is called back by her estranged family since they disowned her mother for having children out of wedlock to cover up a recent bubbling scandal. Their only daughter who has been given (except love) everything went into coma by drugs with no idea if she'll wake up. Yet, that's not the worse part because she told her crappy father (the heroine's uncle, ugly man) that she made a will that entitled all her fortune (meaning their money) to a childhood friend who's also a big spender and a crummy guy. The job for the heroine is to pretend to be the cousin with the cousin's fiancee (the hero) into finding the will and destroying it. In return, they'll pay her the amount of inheritance money she was supposed to receive when her mother died that will fund her younger sister's education. The heroine passionately declines the whole thing but is persuaded to follow along by the hero who reminds her of her sister's education fees. Now, what I liked is we get to see the hero's side of the story, starting with how he can see the difference between the heroine and his fiancee like how the heroine's eyes are filled with life and the cousin's eyes weren't. When they start spending time together, the hero nitpicks the heroine on how to dress and act like the cousin and the heroine challenges him at every turn. What I liked is how the heroine is able to see with all this training that the hero is trying to turn the heroine into the idealized version of the cousin but doesn't let him. The heroine learns from the hero that he grew up rough with his family members dying one after the other. He states that when he saw the uncle's family being rich and perfect, he decided that he was going to be that family. He's only marrying the cousin because she represents the thing he's wanted the most in life. However, the heroine calls him out on his ideals of these people are just mirages and in anger.......he kisses her? An immature method (he admits it) he used to shut her up but later on, he asks about her past and learns the hard life the heroine had. He also admits to the heroine that he wants her physically but doesn't say that he's stuck with who he wants, the heroine or the fiancee. Yet, the heroine is okay and lets him take her on a journey to the bed. The two start getting closer and closer then put on their masquerade of getting the will back that almost ends with Becca having to go to bed with the guy(hero's plan from the beginning but the heroine knew it and went along with it) till the hero comes charging in to save the heroine before they can get the will. Then the cousin wakes up and the uncles announces that he won't pay the heroine a dime for her services and says that the hero saved her only to keep her from bed hopping. The heroine believes the uncle and leaves with the last word to the hero. The hero sees the fiancee one more time and goes to see the heroine where he states that he was left the company and the fiancee because he saw the reality of the family that he oh so fantasized. He says that his true desire of having warm and happy family can only happen with the heroine with the declaration of love and she asks for verification that he gives. She happily accepts his proposal and we get a happy ending.

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i wanted to like them.. 2  2

I really wanted this to take a different turn but it didnt. There was too much selfishness and self deprecation that it fell flat. Becca should have stronger resolve but instead she kept giving in and even when she finally found strong ground to defend herself,it was already too late. She accepted being the shadow, she kept sleeping with him even when she knew he was confused and was simply using her..and just something.. and the uncle was such a douche.. the ending was so so.. nice art thou

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