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Emily lived a life that wasn’t going the way she wanted it to. With the loss of her mother and a dislike of her father, Emily hit the road and found herself serving drinks in a strip club instead of entering the world of ballet she longed for. The playboy prince of Santosa has an eye for both pretty ladies and secret talents, and when he learns that Emily’s a master ballerina, he might have found both a new instructor for the crown princess and a potential queen in the making. Both Emily and the prince are running from the secrets in their pasts and both are ruled by distrust—will their dance be one of seduction or destruction?

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3.5 emotions flow 4  4

The heroine makes a 180 degree turn in her life to disappear from her father's vast and resourceful sight when he reveals of having an illegitimate child after her mother's death (Yeah, I don't think I would have taken it so well either). She works a city center as a ballet teacher and is given a real surprise when she is reunited with the hero who demands her to return home because her father has been looking like the walking dead since she disappeared. The hero and heroine clash heads on many things till the hero gives her a job opportunity to teach his recently orphaned niece ballet (Not really, thought to use her family name and appearance to give the hero a more clean image). The heroine rejects his offer till she finds her creepy landlord in her room and has already sifted through her clothes. The heroine's life isn't the only one in a 180 degree turn because the hero has it hard. In just one year, he has from the second playboy prince with no worries to the heir and guardian of a six year old girl, an image to reinvent, and a father who doesn't trust in him. Not to mention that he lost his brother who he loved and it's a lot to the point of breaking for anyone. As the two spend more and more time together, they start opening up and feelings the emotions they locked away in their hearts. Later on, the hero reveals that the brother and sister-in-law's accident was his fault because he asked them to go in his place because he was with another woman at the time. He feels so much guilt but the heroine reassures him that at first the niece will be hurt but she will understand how much the hero loves her and the heroine confesses her feelings for the hero. However, before the hero can reply, his secretary comes in with news that the father is in critical condition. The King passes away and one of the hero's secretaries reveal about the plan to use the heroine as an image uplifter to the heroine. Right as she's feeling the pain, she's reunited with her father and she asks him to take her away. When the hero reflects over what has happened and what he wants for his children, he realizes that he wants to be with the heroine and runs after her. As the heroine and father are taking off, the father tells her to look outside the window. She sees the hero standing on the beach with the drawn out message in the sand to the heroine that he loves her and asks her to marry him. The heroine has the helicopter land and runs to the hero. The hero tells her his plans for the future and at the moment, he wants to tells the heroine just how much he loves her. The heroine runs into his arms and his love.It was a very sweet ending.

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