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A cute and spunky woman just demanded that you take your pants off. Do you comply, or do you ask her what’s going on? Colin doesn’t even get a chance before he’s strutting down the runway in a fashion show organized by Holly. A misunderstanding makes her think he’s her lost male model, when he is in fact just a guy who knows how to cook a good pizza. Will Holly run after him down the runway when she realizes she just dressed down a stranger in more ways than one? Or will she swoon for this bachelor on the prowl?

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I have never heard the heroine telling the hero to strip down when they first met, but it made good conversation. The heroine thinks the hero is a model who is late for their runway show and has him dressed and ready to go. The hero has some opportunities to reveal who he is but everything in a hurricane, who can. Although, he could have told the heroine the truth after the runway but doesn't because his reason is that he wants the heroine to be honest to him since so many women have only gotten close to him because he is a pretty-boy and rich. Although, I found that the hero was pushing being hypoglycemic, that isn't something you should joke about. The two separate with the heroine thinking that the hero is a model and they don't meet again till the heroine's boss introduces her husband's cousin (the hero). The heroine responds by hitting the hero in the face with her bag and running off. The hero left to explain the whole situation. I did find it cute to see how the hero blushed at his cousin's question, "do you like her?" It was adorable and he goes to find the heroine with a bouquet of roses as a apology. They then get kicked out of the museum, which is funny. Then the next question shocks me, the hero asks the heroine to marry him. Again, I don't blame the heroine from running away from this hero because it's not everyday that a guy, who you have only known for a day, suddenly asks you to tie the knot. Shoot, I would run away too. The heroine runs away from New York with the hero following her. I do give brownie point to the hero for trying to be helpful to the heroine by helping her take up the luggage, which the hero lies about the elevator being broken, and he uses the stairs with the luggage at his side. I did like that the heroine admitted her lie quickly and the hero was patient and wants to get to know the heroine better. They go one a date, which reveals that the hero is a pretty cool and sweet guy like knowing how to make pizzas because he once worked at a pizzeria. The heroine finds the date to be fun until she hears people comparing her to the hero, which depresses her. This depression causes her to reject wanting to spend more time with the hero, it's understandable, there will be words or phrases said to someone in a negative way, that will either appear in the physical or digital world. It will hurt us, but you need to remember the positive things about yourself to keep those hurtful things from stopping him. Also, the heroine lost brownie points from me because she is too blind to see how the hero sees her. What kind of rich man goes out to look for a woman that he has only met twice to a small town, being a gentleman to her and has only wanted to spend time with her and only her. It's because he sees something special, something worth being around. Plus, what does the heroine mean by "her ugly side"? Does she mean her flaws and weaknesses? Please, seeing someone's flaw or ugly is something that happens in relationships that aren't even romantic. Why does someone stay with a friend who farts during a movie? It's because even those are some ugly smelling gases, the person sees something in the friend that makes it worth staying with. I did find it satisfying that the heroine was worse for wear when she met with her boss again and her boss made this beautiful dress that would only look good for girls of the heroine's height. I was so happy that the boss who is also a friend of the heroine, made her realize how special the hero is and how she really feels for him. The ending was good, if a little too rushed to the wedding but a good story to read.

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