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Six years ago, Nick Merrick made Corrie Davis promise not to pursue his brother Shane. Now Shane is back in her life after several years on the rodeo circuit, and Nick is concerned about a romance forming between his brother and a woman far below their station. He invites Corrie over for dinner to question her about her relationship with Shane, but this only succeeds in igniting Corrie’s long-simmering love for Nick. With the brothers fighting about how to protect and grow their family business as well as who deserves Corrie’s affections, what’s a poor Texas girl to do?

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not feeling the love 2  2

I really didn't feel the romance in this graphic novel. It more of a one sided love from the heroine to the hero and a the hero, it was looked like more of a competition between his brother who is the heroine's friend of who can get the heroine. In beginning, the hero tell the 17-year-old heroine to leave his brother alone because she isn't high enough to be in their social circle. What a jerk, then after six years, the hero and heroine reunite because the brother is coming back after his run with rodeos and bulls. The hero thinks that the heroine and the brother are in a relationship and sets up to separate them. I don't understand this hero, why would he try to separate a woman who knows how to run a freakin' ranch because his brother doesn't want to run the ranch, so why not have his brother marry the heroine and she would help him settle down and run the big ole' ranch. His answer: she lives in a different world from the brother. Again: hero is a jerk. The brother is a bit of an idiot because who gives their friend a compliment by calling her hips, wide and child-bearing. In my opinion, that feels sexist because really, doesn't a woman want to hear that from a man, even though he is a friend. That is just rude. Then the hero believes that it's his duty to make sure that his brother gets into the family business and goes to the heroine to stop. what surprises me is that the hero believes that the heroine with wet hair and wearing "provocative clothes" are because she is with the brother. That is stupid because she is out in the hot sun, watering the plants. I would hear that outfit, so I wouldn't hot. Unbelievable, the man is. I did like that we see the hero's perspective and his question, "where have I and all the other texas men have been looking?" My answer: at superficial, shallow, and pretty girls who don't know jack about what is the difference between a stallion and a bull. Then the hero invites the heroine to a dinner in order to question her relationship with the brother, the heroine had a right to be ticked at the man. She leaves and finds the brother who is showering her with compliments and tries to kiss her. At this point, I feel like their are two, instead of one player in this graphic novel. The hero does go to the heroine's ranch and apologizes, but the heroine makes his apology deem as if he's a big guy laying a blessing, by calling herself "little old me". I don't know if that is part of the Texas culture and language but it makes me feel like the heroine is undermining her value. Then they go to look at horses, then they kiss, and it feels like a dream to the heroine till hears the brothers fighting over her as if she is some trophy. Then the hero uses her as a bargaining chip to his brother, "I'll leave the heroine alone if you come into the family business." I still have no idea why the heroine didn't spray the two men off her property and tell them to get off her land. I can't believe the hero. Two weeks pass and the hero goes to see the heroine. I still don't see why the heroine didn't get the hose out on the man. He states that everything between him and his brother is resolved but he never thought of using the heroine as a tool in a deal, then what the heck was that proposition of giving up wooing the heroine for the brother. It just wasn't the romance for me.

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