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Meteorologist and college professor Jake is far too busy with his research for romance. So his father, worried for Jake’s future, decides to play matchmaker for him. Jasper makes a deal with a young waitress named Cheri, promising that if she stays married to Jake for a year while living on a private island with him, he’ll give her one million dollars. Dumbfounded as to why his father is so fond of Cheri, Jake resolves to expose her for the wolf in sheep’s clothing that she really is!

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editor's comment - October 14th, 2016

I like the heroine as she is so sexy. Hero is cute in a way he try to suppress his feelings. The idea is crazy but consider how handsome and gentleman the hero is, it is quite a good offer i guess.

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the power of a pillow 5  5

If I had known that a pillow had the power to find me a good man to love and marry then I would have had one made for me to save the trouble. So, the hero and heroine meet because the hero's father wants them be in temporary marriage using the hero's research funds as bait and paying the heroine for the money she lost to her ex-fiancee who took $15,000 american dollars from their shared bank account (Please have your own separate account from your partner, even if you have a shared one). The hero and the heroine first met through phone and it's a funny conversation. They met for the first time for the ceremony and I loved seeing the hero's reaction when the father gave them the pillow that he made. I will note that throughout the rest of the book, the facial reactions of the hero are hilarious. They end up on a relatively deserted area where the hero can continue his research and the heroine can make a menu for her cafe. I love the job career of the two: cafe owner and meteorologist professor and researcher. That is so cool. It was surprising that the hero's words to his reaction of the heroine's well endowed pectoral area was, "Holy guacamole!", I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Even though, he said to have experience with women, I feel highly doubtful because he's avoiding the heroine's chest, even though it is covered completely. One of the issues was the heroine baking a valentine's day cake and serving it to the hero. The hero says some rude thing, which causes the heroine to leave and the father calls the heroine (the old man is psychic). The hero apologizes and they come to an understanding but don't make an headway till a storm comes in then they get intimate. Although, it stops for a bit and time passes, the hero opens up a bit, enough for them to have a physical relationship. After that, some months pass with the hero being completely absorbed in his work, neglecting the heroine. The heroine keeps trying to talk with him but the hero wants her to wait, notices her downward behavior but decides to wait on talking with her about it. Bad move because when the father comes for a visit, then heroine wants to leave and it surprises the hero. The hero doesn't put up much of a fight; however, after the heroine leaves, just seeing him open up and cry in front of his cat was just heartbreaking. The hero does try to find but his father bars him, it only took two weeks and chicago divorce papers for the hero to go into serious offense. The hero finds the heroine at her old job and the ending was just adorable. I loved reading this book. It was worth reading.

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playing match maker for son 5  5

this was a really sweet story of a father having adult sons who refuse to settle down. so what to do? he plays cupid and finds them good women to be their wives. In this book which is the second novel in the series, he chooses a waitress down on her luck for his researcher son. Son thinks marriage is a waste of precious research time and doesn't want to go throw with his father's marriage deal. But when he gets to do weather and climate checks for a whole year on his father's island, it's hard not to do anything for that chance. Even if he has to be married to a stranger for that entire year living on the island in the same house. Things get hot when he finds out why his father chose her and also jealousy starts showing it's ugly head when someone else seems to be interested in his new wife. And they thought they could just be room mates with all the sparks flying everywhere?! This one also reminds me of another book series you guys may be interested in reading but not in comic form. its called Billionaire Bachelors by Melody Anne. I'll be waiting for the other 2 books of this series to come out.

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