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Country girl Zoe studied hard and became a lawyer. Now she’s working in Sydney, the city of her dreams. With a proposal from a refined man close at hand, Zoe is has it all. Or so she thought until she found out her soon-to-befiancé had an affair. And the reason was apparently because Zoe is boring in bed! Heartbroken, she decides to spend the weekend at a friend’s beach house. There she meets Aiden, a sexy guy who’s obviously had many flings, and they spend the night together. She returns home reminding herself that there’s no future with him, but at a celebrity-studded event, he appears in front of her again!

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editor's comment - December 23rd, 2016

Would recommend readers who like passionate love story. Country girl Zoe became so daring since she met a sexy guy, Aiden. Many hot sexy scenes in this comic with nice drawings.

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surfer or businessman, which one? 3  3

We have a heroine, whom I show admiration for being a hard worker and becoming a lawyer. She meets a man and since then, dated him for about four months. Now, at the age of 25, she is ready for him to ask her to marry him. Here, I feel that this is going way too fast. However, just when he brings out the ring, an drunk woman comes up and starts kissing all over, calling him by his name, and comments on how the man said that sex was with the heroine was boring as hell. I was ready for her to break up but she said that she needed to think about it. After that, she goes off and at the suggestion of her boss, she goes off for a break where she meets the hero. Then she gets a text from the guy, telling her to, "not be so dramatic. I'm a hot-blooded man, you have to understand me, if you really loved me,". Here is my answer: I'm human too, but you don't see me climbing onto the opposite sex for a quickie. That is what she should do, but she didn't because she threw her phone into the ocean. Now, here is where it gets confusing, she meets the hero and they have a great time together then have one night of wildness. Then she decides to go back to the first man?! I mean, you can forgive the man but you don't have to go back to him. That was a man who you were only in a relationship for four months and cheated on you. I would have stuck with the surfer who declared to be abstinent until proven otherwise at the beginning of our relationship till the end, whenever that might have been. Then the man starts acting all bossy like we're getting married and wives obey their husbands. I mean he acts like such a jerk, that if I were the heroine: a smart lawyer, I would have sued him for harassment or something. I wouldn't start being his arm candy. The hero swoopes in and shows the heroine at a party, that the man is once again cheating, while still in a relationship with the heroine. I was glad that the hero got her out of that situation and took back to her country farm home. The guy seems great because he doesn't mind getting in the dirt to help the heroine's family around the farm and he's the owner of a big corporation. However, the hero isn't fond of the idea of marriage and the heroine only wants sex for a time span of six days. Boy! Do they get into the fantasy of it. That is until, during one bout of it, the hero does something that has the heroine go off. This outburst causes the hero to leave and the two of them separate until the heroine's father encourages her to go after him. The ending was hot but it just surprised me that a woman would allow a man like the heroine's boyfriend and now ex- to talk to her like that when she has the power to tell him to back off. It also makes me sad too, I would have chosen the faithful surfer over the cheating businessman.

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