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Riva is ecstatic to have her first job as an interior designer, especially since the client asked for her by name. However, who should appear at the meeting but the devilishly charming Damiano, a billionaire who was once her first love. The night she lost her virginity to him, he coolly accused her and her mother of being liars and gold diggers. His loving words were all an act, a way to find out more about her mother. Riva’s mother had fallen in love with his uncle, but Damiano was suspicious of her. And if not for Damiano, her mother would still be alive…

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the truth 3.5 4  4

Note: I would like to say that the illustrator really needs to be color oriented because the cover shows the heroine as a blonde but throughout the book, she is described as a redhead. In this story, the truth is hidden from the other in this couple. The heroine hides her father's identity as a criminal because the last time she told the people around her of her father's real identity, it got her ostracized. So, she goes with the usual lie that her father was in the military and was always gone. She could have just said that her father was never in her life and not a good man: that's not a lie. Another thing about the hero, I understood that he was just protecting his uncle, who took him in after his parents died. What I don't understand is that with his large resources at hand, he could have easily looked up the heroine's mother's financial records to see that she was a working single mother. I mean, why doesn't these people ever use their sources to research?! They met because the hero's uncle and the heroine's mother were dating. The heroine falls into a fairytale love with the hero because at 19, when a guy is being sweet to a girl, the girl thinks that he's the prince and will go so far for him. That is until, the hero finds out that the heroine is a virgin and he forgets protection, and when he questions of whether the heroine is on birth control and I am stunned that the heroine lies by saying yes. Hearing the answer, the hero believes that the heroine attempted to set him up and has the mother and heroine thrown out. They fast forward five years and the heroine and the hero meet again because the heroine was hired for the job as an interior decorator. She was hired for a job that the hero provided to her company. The two of them meet again and they are pitting fire. I did like that he see some of the hero's perspective, who learns as he watches the heroine that she is skilled at her job and starts to question his previous opinion of her. Next, they have their usual spat, which leaves with the heroine having her parting words of having a man in her life and the hero brooding over it. We learn that the heroine got a cute little package from the hero called Ben. The name Ben is a new one, and he is quite cute. According to the heroine, she didn't want to reveal her pregnancy to the hero because of their parting argument and comes up with the idea that the hero might force her to get an abortion. So, she decides not to tell him, the heroine calling a day off because her little boy gets sick, is what brings the hero banging at the heroine's door, barging into her home, and making a racket. He does this because he believes that the heroine's "man" is a very physically active person in the "bed" and making the heroine exhausted. The heroine lies by not denying his claims and the only thing that shuts the two of them is the appearance of the little Ben, who looks adorable, by looking sleepy eyed. The hero shocked that the heroine starts asking probing questions, which really in his right because if he forgot, this is the woman who was in cahoots with the woman who was trying to trick his uncle. The heroine lies only to his age because she doesn't want him to find out. The hero finds out because a toy that Ben asked him to fix had his birthday card with his real age. This spurns the hero to be a road rage driver back to the heroine, demanding answers. I did like that the hero commented on himself as the worst kind of guy, but he has no idea that he was the father till the card. Then the hero pulls the usual alpha male of "you will tell my son that I am his father". The heroine does bring up a lot of good points in argument, which shut then hero up for a bit. They depart for a bit then meet again with the little boy who learns that the hero is his daddy and he takes it pretty well. The hero once again, makes the heroine do his bidding by making her come with him to see his grandmother. Then they start learning more about each other from the hero's long line of lost loved ones to the heroine being haunted by the her father's legacy. The heroine starts to see the hero in a new light and describes herself as selfish. That isn't true because she barely knew the guy and they didn't really talk about their pasts. I didn't like what the grandmother said because it wasn't anything bad, but just having a stable marriage with without the notion of love, only passion will get you good times. Passion is only one factor to a amazing marriage and without the remaining factors, this particular marriage doesn't sound very much happy. Something the heroine feels similar, so when the hero asks her to marry him, the hero uses not the right words, "Ben needs his parents; a stable household; etc". Those are not the words she wanted to hear and she rejects him. After that, the two separate for a month then they finally truly and truthfully open themselves to one another.

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It's a sweet love filled with misunderstandings 4  4

I liked it. The story was told very well and in a lot of details with only 129 pages. Both of them grew up from a completely different childhood with parents. Lies kept building up and neither of them could trust the other enough to express what they were really feeling. There was no love scene other than in the preview so i'm not sure if that's in the actual novel or they could fit everything in like usual. But this was definitely worth reading.

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