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After discovering an old dagger in her house, Violet brings it to an antiques appraisal program only to discover it’s the long-lost treasure of a royal family! She learns that an old story told in her family—that her great-great-grandmother was an Arabian princess who left her husband to elope with an Englishman and put down roots in London—was true all along. The next morning, the newspapers run with the story of Violet’s royal heritage, catching the interest of a handsome prince from a war-torn land. Just as he shows up on Violet'’s doorstep to tell her how much danger she’s in, a woman’s cry for help rings out through Violet’s humble home!

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3.5 tv show brings them together 4  4

The heroine showcases her family's dagger at an antique show that catches the eye of the hero who knows the dagger belongs to his family and some rather unsavory characters who want the dagger as well. The hero decides that he should marry the heroine on grounds of political gain and satisfying his grandfather of having the married status again. The day the hero comes knocking on her doorstep is day one of when the bad guys come in from the back and take her friend hostage. The hero is able to rescue the burglar and scare him away. He gives her an interesting history lesson on their families and warns her that more bad guys will be coming for the dagger and she might not be so lucky the next time. He proposes she come to his country but she rejects his offer till she sees other parts of the house trashed by burglars and calls him for help. During their time together, the hero and heroine share some of their pasts like deadbeat fathers and such. Then the heroine learns a cultural difference of an unmarried man holding an unmarried woman gives grounds for the man to propose to the woman. Then the hero backed into a corner of marrying the heroine when the other option is giving to a man who is less than honorary but is family to the heroine and according to their laws, she must go to him. She has no idea that the hero is telling her to agree to marrying him until after she announces it in their language. When the two are alone, the hero reveals the discussion between his grandfather and him. He also says that they can get divorced later on. Next, the heroine is thinking about a big event that pertains to engaged couples when she's kidnapped by her big bad guy who makes his ransom demand to the hero. The price is the dagger and without hesitation, the hero gives it up for the heroine. It's right after the rescue the hero confesses his feelings and asks the heroine to be with. She happily says yes to his proposal. The bad guys think they have won but their little coup ended quickly and the women of the opposing party sent the dagger back because they were so moved by the heroine and her efforts. We also get more history on the heroine's great great grandmother and the dagger. We end it on a lovely note and I liked how it went.

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