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Starr and Callum spent a passionate night together on the very day they met. If it had been just a one-night stand, all might have gone fine. But Starr, who’d just lost her job and boyfriend, accepts Callum’s offer to become his secretary, which makes their relationship more complicated. Despite their efforts to think of theirs as a business relationship, their burning desire for each other remains. One stormy night, Starr throws herself into the arms of Callum and sees the same passionate flames in his eyes as she had that night!

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They're frustrated 3  3

The hero and heroine were a one night stand but became employee/boss. They go not only in circles but beat around the bush because they are still physically attracted to each other. However, they aren't trying to cross the line but it's not more than halfway through the book that they begin again. The hero and heroine are also carrying baggage around in their lives like the heroine has always wanted a home of her own instead of jumping from place to place. The hero's is a bit more complicated; the hero was one of the neglected children in his family because his parents focused on the first born son who had the good grades and all. He saw that only way to get their attention was to rebel like breaking the rules and going out to party. One night, he got arrested at a party he was at and asked the brother to come bail him out but the brother died in a car accident on the way there. His parents blamed him and he decided to be serious, be his brother, and let it be his atonement. I agree with the hero's younger brother of it being not his fault because there is a reason an accident is called an accident. They are sad things that happen, which are out of anybody's control like taking a wrong fall. Sadly, a big business merger goes south and has the hero's father calling to rant and blame the hero for what happened. The hero lashes and pushes out the heroine who is heartbroken. She leaves and the hero is dealing with the aftermath of the failed business agreement. The brother calls and gives not only wise words for the hero to take in but also the courage to tell his father off that he is the hero and not the brother. The conversation seems to take a positive direction for the two. Next, the hero searches for the heroine and finds her at a dance studio. He apologizes for his behavior and states that he loves her. He opens up about his past and wounds for the heroine to understand more. The heroine is able to sympathize because she too faced the negligence of her parents as well. She accepts his proposal and they set out to make a happy home for each other.

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Nice story, didn't want topless scenes 4  4

I could do without the heroine's topless panels. In other books, nudity is a lot more subtle

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