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Janine’s fiancé is a handsome and wealthy orthopedic surgeon. It is supposed to be the happiest time in her life, but two days before her wedding, Janine is feeling unsure about her fiancé, a man who has never laid a hand on her. She wants to know if they have sexual chemistry…so she plans to surprise him at the hotel he is staying at! In the dark room, she senses someone in the bed and jumps in. As she kisses her intended, the lights go on and she freezes… This is not her fiancé!

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he's holding back 4  4

This story had me stumped a bit about the heroine's fiancee because in the beginning, we find out that the fiancee hasn't sexually touched the heroine even though, he is a known playboy. His reactions, according to the heroine when the topic is brought up is, he says that he wants to wait until after they marry. Usually, I would say okay and good for you but there have been more responses according to the heroine like the fiancee getting angry at the question and telling her to be quiet. To me, that means that there is something up. This is because if a man who is holding back till the wedding night, doesn't say things like, "I want our first night to be special" or "I want to prove my worth to you" or something like that, cheesy or not. The man shouldn't get all mad and tell you to be quiet, he should express why because this is the woman he wants to marry, so he should trust her. I agreed with the heroine's sister because the heroine is marrying the fiancee for his looks, his income, and his wonderful family. His income shouldn't matter because you are marrying the man, not his checkbook. So, the sister tells the heroine to surprise the fiancee by wearing the negligee to his hotel. It's very daring, but I like it. However, surprise, surprise: the man in the hotel bed isn't the fiancee but the substitute best man!!! It's hilarious, the heroine didn't notice until the hero turns on the light. Then it only gets better when the whole hotel gets quarantined because of a mysterious flu has infected more than 38 people at the hotel, including the hero. So, the wedding got postponed due to this development. I liked that we got to see both sides of the hero and heroine. It was very fun to watch the of them for the next two weeks, with how their relationship develops and the heroine finally seeing what a snob and jerk, the fiancee is. I mean what kind of a man, tells his fiancee that there are two type of women in this world: the one you bed and the one you marry. This isn't Steve Harvey's fish theory and you don't tell this to a woman. Why? It's because she will be ticked! Then when the heroine calls the fiancee to let him know that she was alright and why she came to the hotel, he gets angry and says, "I thought you were a good girl who could make the family proud, don't disappoint me,". In my mind, there was a big X for that. The woman only wanted to be with you. Then on the t.v. interview, he didn't call her by her name but by Mrs. marriage name, something was up with that. I should point out now, that I loved the supervisor of the hotel, he was a fairy godfather in disguise to both the hero and heroine, plus he had some excellent advice. For example, after the nasty call to the fiancee, he told the heroine to cut the anchor that burdens her. After that, he saves the heroine from the fiancee. I was so happy that the hero decked the fiancee for his words because the fiancee wanted to have lunch with the hero before going off to look for the heroine and was only marrying her because she was a virgin. Well, it too late for the fiancee. In the end, we find out something very funny! The hero and heroine spilt for a few month, but see each other again, and make up with each other. I thought that this book was a bad one to read but it turns out that it wasn't and something worth reading.

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