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Passion Romance TAKING IT ALL

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Sarah Jackson is starting a new job as a midwife in a new hospital. Her boss, Dr. Jamie Brennan, is handsome and brilliant, but he’s also a widower with a young daughter. Wanting her father’s attention all to herself, Harriet makes it difficult for Sarah and Jamie to grow closer. Sarah gains Jamie’s respect as a coworker, but not his love, which she desperately desires. Will Sarah ever get the family she dreams of?

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The idea that the author had was good but there were a lot of things that were throwing me off. The first was the heroine states in the first few pages that work is her top priority because she is going off to a rural hospital where she knows nobody as quoted by her mother. Then once, she sees the hero, she is already thinking about marriage. That doesn't make sense, what happened to work is my priority. I felt a bit sorry for the hero because being a single parent is no easy feat and being a doctor that takes you all hours of the day is hard on a kid. It makes sense of why the daughter acts spoiled because she has only one parent who is away at work, her friend moved away, and no mom. However, if you spoil a child too much then they start to think that their behavior is okay, which isn't goo for them in the future. I also didn't like the hero when he had sex with the heroine, realizing she was a virgin, but failing to leave a note as to why he left before she woke up. If that happened to me, I would hurt enough not to communicate with him unless it consisted of work. Now, this is what shocked me, when the hero was late in taking the heroine to dinner in order to explain his actions from the night, he states that his daughter's dog vomited apparently because his daughter "accidentally" fed the animal chocolate. However, he thinks that she did it on purpose, if the kid did then I am ticked. I get that if child will try to keep their parent's attention on them but to use an animal, a dog like that is irresponsible. The dog is family, not a tool. I would have scolded the daughter severely. Then the hero pulls if you get pregnant then let's get married. The heroine stupidly agrees, thinking that it's all becoming a fairytale. I beg your pardon, but do you know this man. You have only known for a couple of days and you're already saying yes to his supposed marriage proposal. I would wait to get to know the man before I would make any serious commitment. Then the hero and the heroine decide to go out with the daughter and the dog and the daughter is being disrespectful. It's noted that she feels threatened by this woman but seriously, dumping chocolate pudding on the heroine's dress is very rude. The hero did take care of the situation. Then I feel that the heroine overthinks things because when she offers to watch the daughter so the hero can go to his surgery, the hero says no. His reasons are because he doesn't know when he'll be home and his daughter's recent attitude wouldn't make such a good combination. Yet, the heroine thinks that the hero doesn't respect her opinion in private. That isn't true, I understand that she wants to spend more time with the man but this is the life of a doctor and she couldn't see that by today's events that the daughter didn't want to be with her. The hero also overthinks his assessment of the heroine because she always wants to kiss, have him love without distraction, and think she's the greatest thing ever. That couldn't be farther, she always wants to kiss because she doesn't get a lot of time with him, she only wants to spend time to get to know him more than an hour per week, and she seems to only want you to respect her. I did give some brownie points to the heroine because she invites the daughter first, because she wants the daughter to know that she cares about her opinion and wants her to feel included. Now this confused me, the heroine suffers a miscarriage or it could have been her period, I'm not sure but she believes that it's a miscarriage and even at the end of the book, she never tells the hero about the miscarriage, just that she's not pregnant. However, at the heroine's sister's engagement party, we find out that the hero sees a woman that he once considered marrying but the heroine's brother married him. The heroine jumps to conclusions and runs off. The ending was sweet but the book wasn't something that I enjoyed.

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