Passion Romance ONE DESERT NIGHT

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Gina’s job has brought her all the way to the desert kingdom of Kabuyadir, a place where, once upon a time, she spent a magical night with a strapping man by the name of Zahir. While they promised to see each other again one day, Gina was unable to believe in her long-distance sweetheart’s vows of love, so she broke things off. Now she’s returned to appraise the Heart of Courage, a jewel passed down through the Kabuyadir royal family along with the prophecy that all members of the royal family will forever live only for love. And who should arrive to welcome Gina to the palace but Zahir himself! Never in her wildest dreams would Gina have imagined that Zahir was a king! Has he called her here to get revenge for dumping him all those years ago?

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The hero and heroine meet for one night before the heroine has to leave for her home country where her mother has been recently hospitalized and they do try to maintain a long distance relationship, which is one of the hardest to do. Sadly, the mom passed away right after the heroine got back and she dissolves their short love. Sadly, enough, it has affected them both with the hero becoming so hard and cynical that he's going to sell a national treasure that symbolize love for the royal family. The heroine is still hurt as well from their breakup. In fact, the first time they're alone, it's a fight over who didn't put enough work into the relationship and a lot of hurtful things were said. After that night, the hero wants to make the heroine his but he knows that they are unable to trust each other and is at a loss. Now, while the hero is figuring out a plan, the heroine is making friends with his sister who recently lost her husband. Then the hero proposes she be his mistress and she doesn't take it well at all and it's another argument that ends with pained hearts. The hero finds out that the heroine kept secret of his plan to sell the family treasure from his sister and goes to apologize to her on his poor words and behavior. He asks her to forget the thing and she tries but she can't forget that she's still in love with the man and this is where miscommunication happens because she blushes and turns her away and he thinks that she still hates him. Then when the women go out, they are attacked by thugs, probably by the very same men who tried to kill the hero. Luckily, they are saved and the hero is horrified by the whole thing. The heroine is still traumatized because when the hero tries to touch her, she faints right in front of everyone. She wakes up to see the hero's face and they seem to finally clear all the problems, clear enough to have one hot passionate night. yet, the next morning, the heroine learns from the sister that the hero has gone to the father of the bride he's supposed to be marrying. The heroine feels sick and when the sister presses about it, she reveals everything. The sister takes rather well, considering she had her suspicions for a while. When the hero comes back, he takes the heroine to the room where the family's symbol of love is and puts it around her neck. Then he asks her to marry him because he loves her. He went to the father of the bride of apologize since he wanted to dissolve the engagement but both father and bride were happy. It's a very nice ending for the two of them.

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