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Tonight, Lauren was planning on telling her lover, Ramon, that she is pregnant. However, as he is the successor to the Spanish Royal Family, he tells her that he must marry a woman of noble pedigree. After he says that she was nothing more than a temporary lover, Lauren disappears from Ramonʼs life, heartbroken. One year later, Ramon suddenly appears at Lauren's law firm, requesting her to work for him. Just what exactly does he want? What will he do when he finds out about his son? Even though itʼs been so long, those fiery eyes of his still get her hot and bothered ...

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What the heck?? 1  1

Wow what an a**hole. You're the one who treats her like a mistress, dumps her, disturbs her at her job, threatened her, then forced her to quit her job and marry you, and now suddenly you're the victim because she don't trust you??? Like wow dude... how can this jerk even be considered as the hero in this story?

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not happy with this. 1  1

I really didn't like this book. The hero and heroine are lovers, but the hero calls the heroine his mistress. Wow, and what is the heroine's nickname for him? I think that what I liked the most in the whole book was the fact that the heroine brought up the question: "Did you miss me or the sex?" His answer: I missed having sex with you because you're my mistress. Are you kidding me?! The hero pulls the whole "no marriage with you," and the heroine says good-bye, even though the hero gives the stupid one last chance and the hero says good bye. I like her backbone and strength in that scene. I just wish that she held out on both strength & tenacity throughout the whole book. The heroine keeps secret of the baby. The hero and heroine separate for 19 months till the hero comes to her firm and has her work in a "personal" project. The creep using her business. The heroine is between a rock and a hard place in this matter. The hero is so arrogant that he thinks that he can smooth talk back into the heroine's bed, not to mention his open hints that he's still single. It doesn't matter, you told this woman how you would only marry a woman of spanish nobility. The hero tries going further but the heroine resists. Then the hero pulls the blackmail to kept the heroine on the project. Crummy, he is being indeed. Then after rescuing the heroine from a rude drunk coworker, he "reveals" his lust for her and the heroine willingly has sex with him. What happened with the resistance? Where did the backbone go? I felt so disappointed in the heroine. Then the hero sees the little boy and recognizes his resemblance. That is when the bad word hits the fan. Other than the usual spat, what really got me riled what the hero's opinion of the heroine leaving the baby in daycare. His words and I quote, "he shouldn't be left in a nursery, while you pursue your career," I beg your pardon, pursuing a career?? Are you kidding me because the woman has a career that gives her enough money to have a roof, food, clothes, and toys for your little boy. And really what is wrong with daycare, other than getting the flu from other kids. It's a place for young kids to socialize and interact with both younger and older kids. Then he pulls the word, "trial" and the heroine faints from the flu. Then the heroine wakes up to find herself in Spain. The hero took the heroine and child, while she was unconscious out of the country. To me that is kidnapping!! The only thing I found cute was the hero feeding the little boy. The hero and heroine argue again, with the usual, "marry me & you won't have to work again," now this made me angry because through out the book, whenever this particular topic comes up, the heroine never says, "I like working." What is wrong, it's clear, direct, and has a deep meaning. Why doesn't she? The hero calls it her huge ego. That is the pot calling the kettle black, it's his huge ego against the heroine working. Then when the heroine sees her son playing with the cousins, she suddenly gives up and says I'll marry you. Wow, I hate that so much. Then during the wedding reception, the heroine runs into the childhood/supermodel friend of the hero and she pulls the usual crud. Apparently, according to the sister-in-law, the friend's father has had a stroke, so she is taking all the stress on the woman. I would feel sorry for this woman but she uses her stroke-recover father's healing time with the hero as a way to scare the woman. If that wasn't a way to break the martial bond between the two thenI don't know what is. Then this is what shocked me about the hero's wariness of woman. At the age of 18, he planned on marrying a porn star until his father proved with an investigator that she was cheating with him. I can't say that all porn stars are gold diggers but why couldn't he have waited to get to know this woman better. Then the hero gets mad and doesn't listen to the heroine when he finds out that she got a job offer as a consultant for a firm, only once a week in an entire month. Then he gets upset when she didn't trust him. I can't say that I blame. Then he pulls, I never should have forced you to marry me. He talks up this whole pity speech and doesn't even listen to the heroine till the very end. It's exhausting looking at these two. The ending was cute but not what I would pay to read.

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