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Gianni Firelli and Briana O'Connell get off on the wrong foot when they meet in an elevator. Briana is immediately hostile, and Gianni can't stand her attitude. What should have been a onetime encounter turns into a heated night when their best friends, Karen and Tomasso, die in a car accident. Karen and Tomasso left behind Lucia, a newborn girl, and named both Gianni and Briana as her guardians, forcing their relationship to continue. Will they be able to put aside bad first impressions to form a new family for Lucia?

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Annoying and rude heroine 1  1

I didn't enjoy the story at all as the heroine is so rude and annoying. I actually cringed reading it...

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naggy and rude 2  2

When I put the title "naggy and rude", one would assume that it was the hero being this naggy and pain in the neck. It's not: it's the heroine. I mean not thirty seconds within their meeting and the hero was being a complete gentleman and the heroine is just being a complete rude character, I mean the hero was just pushing the elevator button when she came charging in and he apologizes, saying that he didn't see her. And she pulls off this snobby, "You know this elevator heads straight to the penthouse,". She doesn't give the kind, "that's okay" or the cold polite, "I'm fine," she gives the snobbish response like he's lower than her. We only find out that she doesn't like rich men because she believes that all of them believe that they (meaning the hero) think that she should fall at their feet. There's no bad romance from rich ex-boyfriend or trauma from philandering rich father, it's just that one reason from the top. Yet, she is okay with her sister's husband who is rich. Doesn't his presence give her hope that not all rich men are jerks. Not only this, but she keeps job hopping, having to go so far to having her sister get her a job. Granted, that some of these jobs that she quit was because she saw a wrong being committed but this woman keeps diving in head first without thinking or coming up with a plan to right the wrong without getting her fired or quitting. This "hopping" not only plays into her work life but also relationship with the hero. I mean, she says one thing to the hero like "I don't want you touching me!" then getting upset when he respects her wish, thinking, "he doesn't find me attractive, that's why he doesn't touch me," Woman, do you know how stupid you sound!! She was losing so many brownie points with this hot potato treatment to the hero who I found to be a decent man. The heroine was barley keeping it together even when they were trying to get guardianship of a sweet infant girl of their recently deceased friends. It was so humiliating to me watching this woman who reminded me of a chicken with its head cut off. It was not a pleasant book to read or rent.

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