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Donna is thrilled when her lover, a younger Italian man, proposes to her. Toni is a little irresponsible, but he can give her the family she’s always wanted. But when the two of them visit his family home together to announce their marriage, Donna learns the startling truth: his family home is a mansion! His family is so wealthy, it's like they live in another world. That's when Toni's arrogant older brother, Rinaldo, tries to pay Donna to break off the relationship, convinced that she's a gold-digger. And when he realizes he can't drive Donna off with money…he tries to seduce her!

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a man's ego 2  2

In this book, my reasoning of men was challenged by this particular hero. To start off, the heroine and hero meet because the heroine is engaged to his younger brother. I also like that the heroine is the older partner because it's new. The hero pulls his usual, "You are dating my brother, so you must be a gold digger," It is quite tiring but it makes sense since he has a gold digger living in his mansion. Now this is where it gets challenging for me: the hero is allowing an ex-girlfriend to live off him after she dumped him for some older richer guy in America. Then when her acting career wasn't taking off, she came back to him. Now, he allows her to believe that she is back in a relationship but he only sees her as a mistress at his command. Unfortunately, this idiot is too blind to see that this GOW is the one in actual control because she may not know it but she is using his male ego in order to place herself in a high house and bullies the servants. What is even more a challenge is the fact that the hero does this to satisfy his own pride of being second place. If you hate this woman, stop providing her greedy needs and drop her off at the nearest and cheapest hotel. Stop wasting your money on her and spend it on something better like charities. The younger brother has no sense of money management, in fact, when the hero offers the heroine money to leave the brother but the heroine rejects it. As she proceeds to leave, the brother states that he has to get something and goes back into the house of his family and takes the rejected money, which pisses off the heroine. Not only that, the brother has the nerve to complain that his brother is "harassing" him to study engineer. If the brother doesn't want to study engineer then use his brother's money to study something else that will (I'm counting my fingers), 1) get him a degree, 2) get a job, 3) Get a PAYCHECK, 4) Get a pay-bill management plan, AND 5) Get the heck off of sucking his family's money. Unfortunately, the heroine and brother are in an car accident, which kills the brother. And for the next 50 pages, the hero is disparaging the heroine during which is she is pregnant with his brother's child. So, does the sentence, "DON'T stress out the PREGNANT woman! It's only towards the end that they are get close because they both share sad childhoods. Then the GOW comes in, holding the baby, stating that the hero and her will take the baby, and the heroine will be kicked out. Now, here is literally the best moment in the book: the heroine takes the GOW's ear, yanks, and drags the woman out of the hours. It was one of the happiest moments in this book. She didn't take any crap from this woman. I loved how the ending end with the hero telling the GOW to get out and running to the heroine. The ending was good but the whole 75% percent was going South. That is all.

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