Historical Romance REBECCA'S ROGUE

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“I want you to marry me,” Rebecca says to Will, who is rumored to be a gold-digging con artist. She needs a husband for show because she is desperately trying to put a stop to the ongoing marriage offers brought upon her as a result of inheriting a massive estate. The sudden proposal by the “Ice Lady,” who is known to keep away from men, is quite a surprise for Will, but he is also grateful for her offer to pay off his late father’s debts. He could flourish in the elite class of London and wipe away the image of him before he was about to get arrested. The great marriage fraud has begun…

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editor's comment - September 1st, 2016

This is a rare type of story that the Hero is a poor and gets married to pay off the debt.
The lady who asks him to marry is a beautiful rich woman who needs protection.
The Hero gets attracted by the Heroine little by little.
He doesn’t even realize why and when he fell in love with her because he thought he was marrying her only for money.
He is a sensitive but a bit funny guy.
I liked this book because of the beauty of the Heroine.
There are many breath-taking scenes where she is depicted very well.

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It goes reverse 5  5

My goodness, for a victorian romance, this went in the new direction from the usual way. The heroine is the rich partner, while the hero looks like the gold digger. It's a new way to look at it because they find a mutual agreement with one another. The hero sees what kind of a strong woman the heroine is for taking on the world of men and the heroine sees that the hero is nothing like her cruel father or the badgering crooks who push her to marry them. I like how the heroine goes after the hero when he runs off. Apparently, he wanted to prove himself as the right man by working like a workman, which beneath those of the upper class. I love how when he sees the heroine, he takes off running with the heroine going right after him in a comedic duo. It's a victorian romance with humor worth renting.

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