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Lance is engaged with to a senator’s daughter? Kate, Lance’s secretary, is hit hard by this unexpected news. She’s dedicated herself to him for the past five years, hoping that he’ll reciprocate her love for him, but he’s always treated her like a sister. She submits her resignation letter, but her best friend, seeing Kate in pain, advises Kate to get a makeover to reveal her sexy side. But will Lance see the real Kate before it’s too late?

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editor's comment - September 17th, 2016

At some point I feel bad for the senator's daughter but I guess you just can't try to be rational all the times when it comes to releationship.

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you won't know what you have till you lose it 3  3

It's a case of the hero doesn't realize what's he's losing till he's actually facing the reality and future of it. So, the hero and heroine are friends/ secretary and boss relationship. The heroine has been fine with their status, despite having a major crush on the hero for a long time. Now, her worst nightmare comes to life as the hero announces his engagement to some politician's daughter. It's all a business arrangement in the form of a wedding, so the hero and his brother's company can have certain rights that only the politician can give. The hero is fine with the whole thing because having this marriage of convenience will be better than a marriage of love where he saw his father abusing his mother who abandoned the hero and his little brother to their father's fists. The heroine is heartbroken over the whole thing and does two things that she decides by herself and is encouraged by one of the stylist friends: hands in her resignation and gets a makeover. The whole makeover shocks everyone in the building with the hero the most surprised but it's the letter or resignation that puts the real shock in him. It's a real roller coaster from here because the hero is trying to convince the heroine to stay at his company but finds himself falling for her feminine charm that she was hiding but he's being reminded by his brother to keep his eyes on the fiancée for business purposes. It's a real spinner for him but the heroine is in a spin herself with finding it harder and harder to keep away from the hero's sudden hugs and passionate kisses. They meet the fiancée who's not a horrible person but an incident causes the heroine to realize with how the hero treats the fiancée shows that he treats her the same as everyone else and must therefore not love her. So, she decides this is the chance to fight for him. Here's the funny thing is while the hero can't tell the heroine's feelings for him but he gets a strange vibe with from the brother and fiancée interacting with each other as well as their exchange of words like how the brother has been the replacement for the hero and how it was the brother, not the hero who chose the gift for the fiancée. Veeeerrrrryyyyyy interesting. Then we have the real roller coaster of where the hero decides before the heroine tells him her feelings that he's going to break off the engagement. When the heroine does tell him, he sweeps her off her feet and takes her right to the bed. The heroine is on cloud nine as well as the hero who gives the heroine a gift that he actually picked out himself. Yet, an almost incident in the office, causes the hero reveal that he hasn't broken off his engagement with the fiancée yet. She runs off but cools down when thinking over his words and he comes after her with food to explain he hasn't told her in an effort to minimize any damages to the company. Then he says the real downhill of being unsure of whether he loves her or not because of his family situation. The heroine takes his answer that he doesn't love her and shows him the door. Later, that night the heroine receives a call from the fiancée who he tells that he wants to break off their engagement because he's with someone else. The conversation goes well and the fiancée helps the hero realize that he wants to marry the hero. Then he calls his brother who's surprised by the news and helps the hero realize that he does in fact love the heroine. He runs back to the heroine's house to find her gone and calls out a search party. When they find her, one of the employees comes to the heroine, explains the situation at work, and asks her to give the hero another chance. She goes to the hero who gives a beautiful apology, confession of love, and marriage proposal all in one. It was really quite lovely and I was impressed. The hero's words reach the heroine's heart and she sees that he does love her. She accepts his proposal and we find them at their wedding. It was a nice harlequin romance.

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