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Joaquin Alcolar—the most famous entrepreneur in Spain and a playboy who’s brought tears to the eyes of many, many women. Without exception, he has dumped every woman he’s dated after exactly one year—and this Friday marks one year for Cassandra and Joaquin. Will she become another pretty face he never looks back on? Her worries become stronger every day. Finally the fateful day arrives—but what awaits Cassandra is a destiny far beyond cruel and ironic!

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it was fine 4  4

I found it to be interesting of where the hero and heroine are in the one year contract relationship, made by the hero of course who suffers from lack of love in his childhood by a father who loved his "love-children" than the hero and his sister. Yet, the hero is in love (the idiot doesn't realize it.). When the expiration date for the year contract comes close, the hero seems to forget but the heroine doesn't and leaves after he leaves for work. Once, he comes back to find her gone, he's upset. He looks for the heroine and finds her at his half-brother's home (a friend of the heroine, who the heroine is trying to help build a relationship with the hero). Now, that is when crud hits the fan and the hero leaves, gets into a crash, gets amnesia, and results with the hero thinking that the heroine and him are in still in a relationship. So, the heroine still has to live with the hero and act like everything is good. The heroine tries her best but it's hard to keep the man off when he thinks everything is good. Unfortunately, it all ends when he gets his memory back and accuses the heroine of worming her way back. So, the heroine leaves again and the hero realizes the he's in love with her, tries to find her though unsuccessful. He gets an earful from his half brother on his idiocy towards the heroine. He doesn't find her until about 7 months later when he catches her walking down the road with her bag and something extra. The two of them head to the apartment where the hero actually impresses me in showing his vulnerability and his apology to the heroine. It was a lovely scene and I enjoyed it.

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The Twelve-month mistress 5  5


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Awesome 5  5

This story was a rollercoaster of feels making me feel all sorts of emotuons. I was angry, sad, and happy. I am so glad I got this book. Haha.

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So Hot!!! 5  5

The chemistry between the couple was so hot. I was surprised when the story made me cry. I also love how the female lead was drawn.

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Amazing 5  5

Seems all the new comics are amazing. This was unique since the story started out with them already dating and she knew that that would end in one year.

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