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The family feud between the Cabreras and the Brands goes back generations. Now Faith Cabrera finds herself trying to save her grandfather’s leather works from a hostile takeover by the Brand family. But when Faith enters a date auction fundraiser to support the family business, CEO Noah Brand sees his chance to strike. Just as bidding is about to close, a mysterious stranger bids an unbelievable $30,000 for one night alone with the beautiful Faith. When the stranger takes the stage, he turns out to be none other than Noah Brand himself!

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3.5 $30, 000 for a date with her 4  4

The hero just bid the amount up on the title for a date with the heroine at a charity auction that the heroine was using in order to promote her family company's business. This may be the first time the hero and heroine are meeting face to face but they know each other very well because the hero's mass produced and low grade leather company is putting the hero's high grade and family owned leather company out of business. When I mean high grade, I mean even the hero's rancher brother chooses to wear their leather over his family's much to the displeasure of their father who's a real grump. The man is grumpy over his sons' statuses of single that he makes it a competition to see who will get married first in order to get the carrot (money) he dangles over their heads. So, the hero sets off to do the three do's with the heroine: to woo the heroine, to doo the heroine, and say I doo to the heroine. He goes by the term, "money is no object, " by flying her out to the Caribbean sea for snorkeling and dinner. Their night ends on a passionate note but the next morning, the heroine is ready to go home. Unable to let her go, the hero calls a "truce" if the heroine keeps seeing him then he'll call off the buyout for her company and she agrees to it. As they spend more and more time together, they start falling in love with the other but are afraid to say it. That is until the heroine meets the hero's gorgeous assistant ( she has a fiancee) and the hero's brother who pretends he's the hero but the heroine sees through his disguise but it still makes the hero angry. They reveal their feelings to each other and it all goes well till the heroine learns of the old feud from years past and wonders if the hero is capable as well as learning of her pregnancy. Now, this part touched me and saddened me with the exchange between the heroine and her grandfather because the man can tell when she goes to the bathroom to vomit that she's pregnant and the hero is the father. He doesn't resent or hate the heroine but he wants to sell the business because he wants the heroine to have money with his great grand baby in case the hero and his company do what they do to other company by leaving them to hang dry. Then the heroine goes to meet the hero but she meets his grumpy father who stupidly reveals everything like the competition of who marries first gets the millions and how by marrying her, they'll get the company. He then leaves the heroine, thinking that she'll go along but he only leaves an angry lioness to attack his unsuspecting son. He asks her to marry him and she answers with, "I'm pregnant" then "the baby isn't yours,". The hero is hurt and ends their relationship right then and there. She leaves but suffers a near miscarriage but the baby pulls through. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a fancy hospital room and knows the hero paid for it all. When she gets out, the hero takes her to the grass area where they ran off onto when they declared their feelings of love. It's there that the hero ask the heroine if she will allow him to raise the baby with her because he's in love with her and knows the father of the baby never came to see her. The heroine is shocked and reveals the baby is hers and she met the father who told her everything about the bet. They reveals their love for each and we fast forward about say a year and a half. In that time, the hero turned down the millions as well as ending the whole buyout on the heroine's family company, which really ticked off the father but the hero is sure he'll come around since he came for the his wedding to the heroine and their cutie baby. It was a nice ending with our main couple and their bundle of joy as well as the grandfather and the hero's brother.

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