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Ellis Worth is the secretary to a powerful executive at a major corporation. The rumors said her manager was to become the next company president, but he was abruptly demoted instead. Now Ellis stands to lose her job. Suddenly the new president, Matthew Canning, approaches her. He asks her to stay at the company and work as his secretary. What can she do but accept the three-month probationary position under Matthew. ? It'’s a lot of work keeping up with the capable, hotshot executive known throughout his field for making miracles happen, but Ellis is up to the challenge. Before long, she begins to feel something stirring in her heart when she thinks of him…Could it be love?

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slow and then fast 3  3

This novel reminded me of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise part is the heroine learning to trust the hero, which comes really slow. She's upset with the hero because he's taking over her previous boss's position who really can't do anything without her. In fact, he even has her set up his philandering affairs with women 50 miles away from home and send them gifts and flowers. For cryin' in the night, she had a list of these women's names, which the wife of the previous boss found. Now, here is the bonus: she has feelings for this guy. The man is weak and clingy. He has the queen of the b-word for a wife and follows her every whim. I don't know why this man hasn't divorced her......oh wait! I do know; she's considered a beauty. How shallow. The hero describes the two's relationship as mother cleaning after idiot son, which is a perfect description. So, the previous boss is demoted and transferred away and the heroine is the hero's temporary secretary. The heroine finds fine qualities in the hero. She works hard but when her ex-boss calls to talk at a restaurant in the evening because he needs her to come back to work for him. I did like how she resists but it takes the hero to save her because the b-word wife is coming to catch them in the act. The ex-boss runs like a scared animal and the hero is the only one who defends the heroine from the wife; although, the heroine handles herself pretty well. Then she ups herself in the business as an assistant director because he notes that the hero brought it up due to her hard work and skills. The heroine is slowly realizing what a great guy the hero is. Then we get the hare of the hero suddenly proposing to the heroine when they haven't even gone on a date. Then we have the obstacle called the wife, who really burns my buns. She says a couple of things that the heroine believes and refuses the hero. They have a sweet moment and then the ends comes.

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