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Bethanne is a pilot, and she’s using her skills to deliver a plane to Sheikh Rashid in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Quishari and to find her dad, who went missing there three years ago. Unfortunately her other cargo, the sheikh’s bride-to-be, eloped and now she has to stand in for her. At least the sheikh will help her find her dad, right? But even though she knows it’s all an act, she can’t help but be attracted to the fiery sheikh…

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editor's comment - December 9th, 2016

Beautiful female pilot, with a pair of firm looking eyes. She definitely is an excellent pilot but the path didn't come easy. I love how independent the heroine is and how hero is attracted to this strong and smart woman.

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finding the father 4  4

The heroine is a pilot who's delivering the hero's princess but it turns out she's made a run for it to be with her true love and the hero uses the heroine as her substitute. The heroine rejects his plan at first because she's searching for her father who disappeared three years ago. So, the hero offers his services to help the heroine search for her father if she goes along with his plan. Then before they leave the plane, the hero learns the hero's father is the man who betrayed his father's trust and stole an important prototype plane. The whole thing made the hero's father die from shock. The hero condemns the heroine as a traitor because her father was one. The heroine has a backbone and challenges the hero who is attracted to that particular trait. The heroine also sees the hero's kind side when he keeps the princess's companion because of what might happen to her if she's sent back to the princess's father. We see the hero suffers from a gold digger's trap where she said that she loved him but left when the hero's father waved a check with a lot of zeros on it. So, he's resolved to never let his emotions get the better of him. However, he can't help but be open with his thoughts and falls in love with her. The heroine falls in love too but she's a pilot and a pilot can't fly without knowing the destination that the hero isn't ready. Then after searching, the heroine finds a man who knows what happened to her father. Apparently, the father was tasked with a special mission on the hero's father's orders but a sandstorm caused the plane to crash and kill the father. The man reported it but somehow it turned that the father stole the plane. The heroine is then confronted by the hero's brother who believes the heroine will sell any story she can dig about his family for a money. He threatens her because he can see that his brother has fallen in love with her and believes he'll be blind to any "underhanded tactics" that the heroine will use. Then he gets news that the heroine is meeting a westerner and thinks it's the paparazzi but when he confronts her, he reveals that the man was a friend her father who gave her pictures of her dad and talked about her dad. The heroine scolds him for comparing her to the past woman and leaves. She cuts off the interaction with him unless it's necessary. Later, the deal is signed and the hero receives the report that proves the heroine's father's innocence. Apparently, the hero's father had another family and sent the hero's father to pick them up the accident happened. The hero's brother found out and kept the report secret in order to protect the hero and their mother. The hero apologizes for his family's cowardice and the heroine says that it's okay because her dad loved the country and working for the hero's dad. He takes the heroine to her father's grave and lets her come to term with her father's death. The hero lets the heroine go but chases after her when his brother encourages him to because of how much the heroine has made an impact on his life and that he loves her. So before the plane takes off, the hero hoists the heroine in his arms, takes her off the plane and confesses his love for her. The heroine confesses she's in love with him and we end with a marriage proposal that's answered with a yes.

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