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Passion Romance DRIVE ME WILD

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Molly, the daughter of a famous movie director and a Hollywood actress, finds it awkward to be in the glamorous world of fame. Staying out of the limelight, she quietly makes a living as a ghostwriter for a famous actress. But she wants to publish her own work, too, so she pens a romantic story, which is rejected due to the lack of reality in her characters’ romantic encountersHoping to fill in this gap in her knowledge, she asks limousine driver Alec to assist her with her love scenes. Surely he can help!

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Unexpected 5  5

I left this one pretty much to the end of my subscription. She wants sex lessons?? What?? But it was super sweet, and I actually really enjoyed it! If you keep passing it over (like me,) give it a try.

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4.5 never used a pen name 5  5

Now, I liked this book for a lot of things. We have a childhood sweet moments, the hot and heavy scenes between the hero and heroine. I liked how we have new jobs instead of the usual boss/secretary or surgeon/nurse. We have a graduate student working to finish his school and become a lawyer (hero) and the a famous hollywood ghost writer (the heroine). It's fresh and new and I liked it.The ending was amazing with not only the cute baby but also the mother, after thirty years from her movie debut takes the same position that she did (even though it was considered obscene during that time period). I liked that the hero and heroine aren't in their early twenties or late thirties but meeting halfway. Although, there were two things that set me off; first was the fact that even though the heroine was a writer of many thriller books in the beginning, it never occurred to her to use a pen name. I mean some of the most famous authors in history used a pen name: J.K. Rowling, Victoria Lucas, C.S. Lewis, Tite Kubo, and Lemony Snicket. All of these people used pen names and became famous. Second, I am not much of a person for business but did it never occur to the hero's evil father that having a famous author with a mystery identity would have more fans. I mean, you have an amazing writer whose books just lure you in and you have no idea who it is. I mean J.K. Rowling and Lemony Snicket are famous in the world but during their series in the book, very few people actually knew their identities. The last thing is the heroine giving up her virginity so quickly in order to get experience, so she knows what to write in her book. However, all in all, it was a comic worth renting and reading.

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