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Dedicated nurse Dominique visits the Romanos family in Italy right before submitting herself to a convent. Her younger sister is married to one of the Romanos boys and is in need of help. Moments after she arrives on the island where the Romanos family resides, her sister’s brother-in-law, Don Presidio, welcomes her. Little does she know that her decision to dedicate herself to God for the rest of her life will be turned upside down by this difficult, intimidating and proud man.

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don't mess with the nun 2  2

In comics that have heroines whom some of us don't want to be with the hero, this was one of them. It's because she was going to be a nun. I actually wanted her to become a nun and have the hero stop poking her. The heroine comes to the house of the hero because her sister is married to the hero's brother and she has lost her ability to walk. Apparently, the sister received a note that her new husband was cheating on her, which led her to be distrustful of the husband. Now, she has good reason because he goes out somewhere without telling the woman and his "nanny" has just been planting seeds of doubt within the her. Being a holy woman, the heroine can sense the snake within the nanny and forbids from coming near her sister. The hero finds out that the reason why the heroine is so cold to men and the sister is so clingy that their own father abandoned them after their mother died and married another woman. I wanted to go back in their time and give the father a double decker sucker punch. After that, the hero starts to be a little nicer to the heroine and sister in law. The heroine also learns that the nanny doesn't do anything in the house and her unhealthy love for the brother; ex: she has pictures of him covering her room in a stalker sense. The heroine tells the hero but he blows it off saying that she is a servant so what can she do to the wife of a guy of the family. Sir, has history taught her nothing?! We also learn a piece of the hero and brother's past. Years ago, the hero was engaged to a woman that his parents had picked out to marry but he ignored and neglected her and she and his brother connected on many levels. However, the woman fell pregnant with the brother's child and while, the hero called off the engagement and forbid the woman from seeing the brother in college, he provided a home and the "nanny" to look after her. Then the woman dies and the baby is born prematurely, I am starting to see a pattern here that involves the nanny. Point: the brother has an eight year old daughter that the sister (his wife) knows nothing about. I would say that I would be ticked at the brother if he were my husband for keeping such important factor of his life from me. I wouldn't hate the child and neither would the sister as the heroine stated. Chain reaction: the heroine gives the brother advice, brother hugs her, and hero rushes in with a punch to the brother and saying that he never learned his lesson. The heroine gets knocked out for rushing in and the two stop. I did love that the brother opened up the truth and the sister took it well. It was very sweet. However, it goes worse when the heroine receives a letter from the convent that she is entering of her "immoral" behavior. That drove a wedge into their developing relationship. Next, the heroine is nearly strangled to death by the "nanny" who confesses in playing a part in both destroying the other woman and nearly destroying the sister. Unfortunately, when the hero and brother confront her, the "nanny" throws herself off the cliff. The ending was way too short and curt.

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