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Overnight, Lana finds herself plunged from the height of marital bliss to the depths of despair. Her husband, Kyle, and his mistress are in a car crash, killing Kyle in an instant. His mistress is on the brink of death, and in her last month of pregnancy. To make matters worse, Kyle’s last will and testament names Lana as the baby’s godmother. Lana spends her days hounded by the paparazzi and her nights overcome with grief. It’s then that she meets Raffaele Rossellini, a handsome young millionaire who offers her a helping hand. She’s taken in by his warmth and generosity, unaware of his true identity: he’s the older brother of Kyle’s mistress! With a passionate kiss, he sets his plot for revenge in motion.

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Was he dropped on his head when he was a baby?! 1  1

The review that I am posting is gonna be a long because there are so many faults within the text. First, the heroine finds out at her husband's funeral that during the 5 year marriage with him whom she fully trusted and loved was having an affair with the hero's sister for three years and the hero blames the whole death of the husband and the comatose eight month pregnant sister on her. Why? He believes its her fault for not divorcing the husband, the husband's words that she was cold, frigid, and only a gold digger and gets his "evidence" from the papers of the paparazzi. Now, let us remember that this man is a billionaire who has probably had his face plastered on the same magazines with women who were just in the picture and they give the title, "Is this the future Mrs. billionaire?", now all of that could be a lie but hey, it's from the paparazzi papers so it must be true. Also, there was something that ticked me off about the hero, and I mean to the point of posting the p-word online. He knew about the whole affair between the husband and the sister and let it go. He never sought to look up information on the heroine that could help the husband push for a divorce, we never see flashbacks of the hero trying to get the sister out of the affair business, and nor ask lawyers of how to get the heroine and husband to separate so that his sister can marry him. In fact, he doesn't question a number of things about the husband till the end; 1) he never questioned if the man told the truth about his wife when real evidence of the man's lies and dirty dealings were surfaced because if he was lying to his business partners and cheating on them, who's to say that he wasn't doing the same to both wife and sister, 2) he never hired a detective agency to look up information on the heroine (he would have found out that 50% of her time is dedicated to her jack ass of a husband and 50% is dedicated to the charity for impoverished children, 3) he never went office of the paparazzi to get any sources. Then he gets mad at the heroine for the state that his sister is in!!! Forgive me for being harsh, hero but your sister willingly put herself in that position for three years being the side dish to the husband. Of course, let's not forget the pregnancy, now let's do the math on this, the sister could have figured out her impending mother at three months then she gets into car accident at eight months. So, she had five months of giving the ultimatum to the husband of marriage or bye bye. In fact, I wonder if this woman even knew the truth of what was going on by the husband because she and the heroine shared a lot in common (the sister was previously married but being unable to carry a child, drove a divorce between her and her first husband and the heroine and the husband went so far as vitro fertilization, only to have stillborn). She was just satisfied with being the mistress. Now, here is the icing on the cake: the husband put his wife in guardianship of his unborn illegitimate child should anything happen to him and the sister. I mean this guy took full advantage of her kindness and love. This woman was pure gold because even when the hero treats her so cruelly, she puts her skills (previously worked as an interior decorator) to make a beautiful home for the hero and the little baby. Granted there were some things that I didn't like about the heroine, one of them was the fact that the heroine "used" the hero in sex, so she could regain confidence as a woman. Well, shoot, of course a woman would do that if they found out that their beloved husband was sleeping with another woman and was having a child. And we barely see any regret or doubt from the hero till 75% of the book was finished. Plus, I didn't get to see a bit of groveling. The kind of groveling that I wanted to see was knees and hands on the ground with the hero's tail between his legs. Then suddenly, it only takes one page for the heroine to fully devote, trust, and forgive the hero. Okay, I can understand forgiving someone for this but trusting them takes a whole different level. I wanted to see that hero work hard to regain the heroine's trust. The worse part is that I read the reviews from the original novel and it's still just as bad as the comic version, don't spend your money on this.

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