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Gracie has come to Rome in search of the father she never knew. When her money and hope have just about run out, a suited Italian man named Luca, who looks like someone straight out of a movie, offers her his help. In return for his aid, she is to tutor his young daughter. After she moves into his mansion, Gracie can’t help but wonder if she’s a fool, for she finds herself falling for the man. Still, she grows more and more attracted to Luca as she sees what a gentleman he is, even as she begins to realize that this happy-seeming family might hold a dark secret.

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nice but a couple of questions left unanswered 4  4

The heroine is on a personal mission to find her birth father in Italy, but she stops along the way to see the sights. During her visit to the Trevi fountain, she runs into a lost girl and helps her find her dad. As a thank you for helping his daughter by taking her out to lunch since her wallet with only a couple of euro was in it was pick pocketed (jokes on you, thief). They talk and learn from each other of the heroine's reason for visiting Italy and the little girl's problem with knowing the difference between speaking English an Italian. So, the hero proposes the heroine help the little girl with her English speaking skills and he'll use his resources to help the heroine find her father. The heroine has a little hard time with the hero's grandmother and there's a icy front from the hero's sister-in-law but sister is charmed by the heroine's bright personality. She learns the sad event of the hero's deceased wife driving into a tree at 60 miles an hour and the wife's parents blame him for what happened. So, they refuse to see their own granddaughter, which is a pity and foolishness on their part. The sister calls them fools herself and that she knows the hero isn't to blame. So, as time goes by, the heroine senses the hero's eyes on her and wonders what to do. The hero is in a similar position because he's found the heroine's father but he doesn't know how to let go of the heroine. The hero's casanova brother who tries to tease and put the moves on the heroine but she brushes them off like flies. The brother even tries with his hands but she gives him a good smack then a hard pinch that has him scoot away. Then the brother pulls this whole pity and envy thing about between him and the hero like how he's makes a lot of money but only charges low interest to low income families. Then how the hero married a woman who didn't love him in order to save their families names since it was little brother's misdeeds. Translation: hero isn't the little girl's father but the brother. Now, here is my question that left unanswered till the end; why did the hero have to marry the wife? The hero, dead wife, and little brother weren't in any committed relationships. The hero wasn't engaged to the woman or anything and both the brother and the dead wife were in a relationship. So, why did the hero have to be the one to marry the wife? Usually, you have the father of the baby take responsibility, not the brother or something. This is where the story lost a star because it never really tells me at all. The heroine is shocked by the news but sees the hero loves the little girl unconditionally. The hero and heroine have some private time together with its ups and downs. Then the heroine is finally in contact with her birth father and the hero helps her dress up and drive her to meet her father. The meeting between father and daughter goes well and the heroine returns back to the hero's mansion. I must say that throughout the story, I never mentioned I liked how well the heroine raising and caring for the heroine. The heroine brings up the matter of the little girl thinking the heroine is going to be her mom. The hero says why not make it happen since it's such a good idea. The heroine rejects his proposal because she thinks that he's only marrying her to give his daughter a mother. Then when the heroine is about to leave, the hero runs after her and confesses that he wants to marry her not to give his daughter a mother but because he loves her. The hero asks her to marry him again and she says yes. I like that the hero and heroine have a talk with little girl about her having another mom and that conversation went well. Then we skip to a cute wedding and they live happily ever after.

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