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By a twist of fate, the woman Lorna is introduced to as her boss’s fiancée turns out to be her long lost half sister, Kendra. However, unable to tell Kendra the truth of her birth, Lorna settles for the joyful opportunity to simply spend time with her. Then one day Mitch, Kendra’s stepbrother and heir to the staggeringly wealthy Ellery family, appears. He seems to think that Lorna is getting close to Kendra in order to get her hands on his family’s fortune. And before she knows it, this infuriating man has laid down a list of outrageous demands that turns Lorna’s world upside down!

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how did she know before the hero 3  3

In the beginning, the hero and heroine are reunited after their chance meeting five years when the heroine's friend took her to a party so she could be reunited with her birth mother who is the stepmother of the hero. HOWEVER, the BM rejects her by saying," Are you sure you aren't mistaking me for someone else?" This greatly upsets the heroine and runs off, which makes the hero believe that she's a con artist after the family money. I would like to say on record when you are trying help your friend reunite with her birth mother, you don't start the introduction with "Are you happy to meet the woman who abandoned you?" That is going to make reunion go hundred percent south in so many different ways like the BM denying the heroine. So, we fast forward to present where the heroine's boss is marrying the heroine's half-sister. Now, she hasn't revealed to woman of their hidden relations but helps as much as she can to make the wedding the best for the girl. Then in pops the hero, pulling the bully attitude by handing her a check to make her quit her job and never see his stepsister (heroine's half sister) or the family money again. Wow, I'm sorry but that check won't be enough for me to quit my job because of I can get more from that job than from cashing that check. When the hero demanded a blood test, I really wish the heroine said," Hospital is down the street, let's go." We get the heroine's backstory of being raised by loving adoptive parents till they died when she was eight, her uncle inherited the ranch she lived at, kicked her off, and she was shuffled between foster homes. It's quite tragic and no wonder she was looking for her birth mother because she wanted to have that family connection she lost. I'm just happy she has a great friend with a shoulder for her to cry on. After that, the hero pops up and wants her to be his girlfriend, so his stepsister won't be suspicious of any involvement then make her dump him, so she'll look bad in front of the stepsister. He cannot get any worse, can he? Apparently, he can because he's making her spend a dinner with him. If you want a five star meal to taste like dirt then eat with the hero. We do see the hero's thoughts from when he first saw the heroine to how he will keep her from destroying his family. You know what I'm surprised about was the hero said that there was no proof. I'm sorry, have you ever heard of adoption papers? Or better child welfare because if the BM "abandoned" the heroine then the child would become part of the system with all the information he would need to strength his resolve or crash it in a burning blaze. What I found surprising is the heroine didn't ask the friend to keep the hero from getting there. If it were me; I would have been standing at the door with a frying pan, just waiting for him to knock, I open the door and introduce myself to him. Then let him know politely that he's not taking the heroine anywhere while I'm here. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen and the couple have dinner and dance together and they kiss. The next day, the hero and heroine head to the ranch where the BM lives but is gone for the day and the hero gets a background check on the heroine on as far back as her being adopted. They also seem to have a good time together but it ends quickly when the BM appears and, while she is polite to the heroine by inviting to their 4th of July party, she still treats the heroine as a stranger. This hurts the heroine and she tells the two of them how she leaves and goes to leave till the BM comes running after her. She tells the whole story of growing up in an abusive home that she was starving for love so much she let a boy have sex with her at 16, got pregnant then her father's abuse was so bad that she ended up in a charity hospital where she met the heroine's adoptive parents who treated her with kindness and love that she gave them, (that's right gave them, not abandoned) her child because she thought it was the best choice for her newborn baby to be loved by wonderful parents. The BM made the hardest decision as a parent because she was thinking what was best for the heroine. Then she marries the next boy to get away from abusive dad but he's the clone of the abusive dad. So, by the time she heard the adoptive parents died, she was in a divorce and custody battle for the stepsister. Plus, she thought that her daughter would be doing better with another family than with her and her problems. Again, thinking what's best for the heroine. Then she met the hero's dad who was a peach to her by being kind and loyal. While she is happy, she fears of the husband finding out about the daughter she "abandoned". The same fear that pushed her to reject the heroine at the party five years ago. Now, let's clarify, the BM didn't abandoned the heroine but gave her to be raised by again, wonderful people. She abandoned her five years ago when she rejected the heroine as her daughter. She talks about how she missed her and wanted to see how the heroine had grown. She even gave a check to the hero to give to the heroine, boy was that twisted around. The BM asks for forgiveness, which the heroine gladly gives. However, this scene causes the BM to leave the ranch. Next, we have the stepsister that she found out about the heroine and their hidden relationship years ago without the BM or the hero noticing. HOW? I would like to know how could the stepsister find out all about the heroine but the hero couldn't. Apparently, the stepsister got close to the heroine's boss in order to get close to her. Now, she feels bad for what she did, apologizes to the boss, cancels the wedding, and leaves. After the whole mess, the hero blames the heroine for destroying the family and has someone take her home. I was glad that the boss and her friend were kind to the heroine and told her that it wasn't her fault. It been a month since the bad night, despite the heroine looking for the BM and half-sister, she has had no luck. So, her last option is to go the family's big 4th of July with the invitations she received the day she went to the ranch. It's there that she's reunited with the BM, half-sister, and hero. They reveal that they have reconciled with each other and the wedding is bcd on. The hero goes to have a private conversation with the heroine, private as in actually giving an apology speech to the heroine over his horrid attitude. He confesses he's in love with the heroine and asks her to marry him. The heroine agrees and we get two weddings in the end.

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