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Gabrielle, the granddaughter of a multi-millionaire, has had it with waiting around. Under the blazing hot sun in the Amazon forest, the plane she’s been waiting for doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. One glance at the pilot shows that he’s taking his sweet time. And when they do finally lift off, just as she thinks she can relax, sudden engine problems force them to crash land in the wild! Trying to head back to their last point of contact, the two set off into the deep, dense jungle. And this is but the start of the desperate ordeal these strangers must overcome together.

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spoiled becomes sparkling 4  4

I agree with erin's opinion of the story. OH My goodness, what a spoiled heroine indeed! She just whined for the first 25 pages of story. Apparently, she was spoiled by her grandfather, which is good in some cases but if she's at the age of 22, where she either has to be in school with a part-time job or working full time. I'd spoil my grandchildren but I make them do things like clean house if they want something extra. So, the heroine and hero are flying to the grandfather's hidden oasis when something goes wrong with the plane and they have to make an emergency landing. Now, they have to trek to the nearest civilization with a radio to get help. The two of them get a little heated from each other but it cools quick with the hero saying the heroine was seducing him. Excuse me, not to point fingers but why didn't you go forward to the naked heroine in the water when you should have gone back. Next, they come across a village and find one of the children sick. This is where the heroine shows her true self as a caring individual by making the hero give their pain medicine to sick boy and staying by him all night to make sure he's okay and alive. Then the heroine has to help the hero when his cut from previous pages becomes infected. I was impressed from how quickly she went from helpless and spoiled to brave and get the job done attitude. What I can't believe is the hero being so stubborn about the heroine treating his cut. Good grief, I have never been to the jungle but even I know that if you get a cut in the jungle, you need to get it disinfected and patched up quickly. Otherwise things like puss come out and you could permanently damage your arm. Luckily, nothing happens but the heroine and hero become more intimate. I still can't believe that the hero asked,"Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?" I'm sorry but conversations that have these questions don't usually come up. Sadly, the audience and the heroine discover the plane, which means they have been walking in a circle. It turns out the whole emergency landing and living in the Jungle was a huge set up by the grandfather and the hero to teach the heroine that she needs to have a sense of purpose from her lacking and luxury lifestyle. The last part is when she's discussing with the grandfather. Her reaction to the whole set up was very bad and the hero didn't make it any better when she asked if everything was a performance and he answered that it was his job. Ohhhhh Boy! No wonder, she never wanted to see him again. So, the heroine understands her grandfather's point of view and for four months since she last saw the hero, she has been preparing and being a representative to a charity. There she is reunited with the hero who happened to have an invitation that he thought was from her. The two have a bit of a spat, but when they open up and listen to each other's feelings and thoughts. It causes them to remember why they fell in love in the first place and that love is sparked again. It was a sweet ending.

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Not bad. 4  4

A carefree heiress gets a taste of reality courtesy of a handsome DoS cargo pilot in the Brazilian jungle? I liked Gabrielle shes sassy but shes kind enough to know when to be humble. Doyle is kind of a jerk at times. Though Its the typical bridge suspension effect love story.. stuck together and all of a sudden theyre madly in love. This story isnt bad but not great either. It had potential to be better. If say for instance, theyve known each other before hand but never got a long... but from complete strangers to lovers in 3 days is pretty meh for me.

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