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Model Alysha has been selected to become the face of a major cosmetics company’s new campaign. When it turns out that the campaign’s renowned photographer is Ross, she is forced to confront an unpleasant memory from five years ago. Back then, Alysha was a country girl who longed to be a supermodel—she barged into Ross’s studio and bribed him into doing a camera test for her, but the price was steep and continues to haunt Alysha. After that humiliating first meeting, why on earth would Ross choose to work with her now?

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The story is a bit flat 3  3

The art is beautiful. Gosh, I love it. But I think the storyline is kinda fast and flat. I don't know how express it well though.

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running a lot. 3  3

When the heroine was a teenager, she wanted to be a model, so she went to a famous photographer (hero) to get some head shots. Yet, the photo shoot goes nude and it becomes too intense for the heroine to handle and she runs away from the hero. She decides to forget ever becoming a model but unfortunate family circumstances pushes her to accept a model agent's card to get cash to support her family. After five years, the heroine is picked to be the model for a major cosmetics company at the suggestion of the CEO of the advertising company who turns out to be the hero. The heroine wants to reject the whole thing but she has a materialistic mother who denies the idea that they are living paycheck to paycheck. So, she takes the job and the obstacles that come in the package deal. The hero and heroine at first like two north pole magnets that repel but then they start to attract. Yet, another opposing force called the jealous stylist tells the heroine of about everyone placing bets on the two and how the hero isn't interested in her at all. Later, the heroine learns from the hero that the jealous OW lied but the hero words put her down as a valued product image rather than a woman. The photo shoots final picture ends in a nude picture that the hero and heroine do alone. The photo shoot goes well but the activity in the bed goes better but the heroine buries any sense of a spark and leaves. They don't see each after that shoot till a party that starts in a argument and ends with hot sex. The heroine runs away but only into another problem where she finds a subpoena for her mother who bought a car with her hard-earned money to go to the expensive tennis lessons. The cruel mother, sneers at the heroine's career and it's the straw that breaks the camel's back for the heroine. She shouts at the woman that her job is what has been keeping their family afloat. On the day to appear in court, the hero comes to the heroine's rescue and they have a private talk with each other. They open up their feelings to each and they confess their love. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes.

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