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After an accident, Lawrence, a Dutch citizen, is sent to the hospital in London where Serena works. He begins his courtship of her on his first day of hospitalization, but she’s reluctant to trust him completely and relies on Lawrence’s cousin, Gijs, for advice. Gijs’s presence is comforting, but Serena tries to squelch any romantic feelings she has for him. When she flies to Holland to marry Lawrence, he betrays her. And Gijs steps in to take care of Serena in her moment of need…

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I knew something was up 3.5 4  4

In a person's life when they're in a relationship with somebody, they need to watch out for those little sulfuric eruptions that will lead to a volcanic eruption of realization. To understand what I'm talking about, I will start at the beginning. The hero and heroine meet because the hero got a call from his Holland clinic that his partner and lazy cousin who shares the same profession as the hero (doctor) got into an accident. The heroine is the cousin's nurse who leaves a great impression on the hero when she scolds him in Dutch. I like it because much of the time, I get tired of the heroine speaking only one language. The cousin apparently was driving recklessly and crashed into a bus. I'm surprised that they didn't put him in jail for his reckless behavior because I know that everyone drives different in England but driving your car into a bus is ridiculous. Moving on, the heroine and cousin have the Florence Nightingale happen to them. Then the cousin is leaving because he is worried about his mother and wants the heroine to come to Holland. The heroine, believing their love for each other is true starts the whole process of quitting, selling her apartment, and basically moving to a new country with a different language. Now this is where my title comes in, when the heroine is talking to the cousin about seeing her parents before she leaves, he says and I quote, " You'll take the time to visit them? Why don't you just call them instead?". I said it once and I'll say it again, I knew something was up. I don't know why the heroine didn't question his words because this is the same man who wants to see his mother after being apart from her for so long and yet, he can't share empathy towards the woman he claims to "love" and wants to come to him in Holland when she wants to see her family because who knows when she is going to see them. That was the little sulfuric eruption that should have signaled the heroine that something was not right. Not only that, I was surprised at the heroine's parents for not really stopping her. It's not that they don't trust the daughter but if it were my child, I would want to meet this man either by telephone or face to face to judge whether he's considered safe for me allow him the opportunity to be with my own child. Once, the heroine arrives in Holland, she is attacked and gets a slash on her cheek. Luckily, the hero is there to give first aid. This is the second sulfuric puff is the fact that even after spending 24 hours at the hero's house, recuperating, the cousin never makes any attempts to see his "beloved". The third one follows quickly when the housekeeper describes the cousin as a lazy, irresponsible nincompoop. The heroine decides to take matters into her own hands and face the unknown situation by heading to the clinic where the hero and cousin are to get some answers. Finally, the volcano erupts: the cousin doesn't want to be with the heroine because the slash may leave a scar, making her ugly. He says all this to the hero in Dutch, which our heroine overhears and understand it all completely. The hero and cousin see and our beloved hero is the only one who runs after her. I like this particular scene because the heroine handles it as best as she can and the hero is just being the kindest, letting her cry on her shoulder and giving her a job and a place to stay. Now, when the hero brings up the unknown future of the heroine, she states, "she's going to tell her parents of the breakup,". The hero suggests that they get married, so her parents won't feel bad. I literally turned my head to the right and said, "What?". Now, I was able to catch that the hero was confessing his love for the heroine but the heroine missed that sulfuric hint. Yet, she agrees to marry him because she wants to be with him. I did like the confrontation between the heroine's parents and the hero and heroine themselves on the fact that the hero isn't the cousin. That was really good as well as when the hero and heroine confront the cousin. It was a good ending but I hate when people miss those little sulfuric hints that pop up. It was an okay comic to read.

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