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Loris was standing alone at a party—her fiancé, Mark, had gone off to dance with another woman just because she was lateSo when a stranger asks her to dance, she takes his hand without a thought. Perhaps dancing with this blond, green-eyed, handsome man will make Mark jealous… Loris, emboldened, asks the man for a kiss only to have him refuse her! Rejected by two men in one night, Loris feels mortified—what has she done to deserve this? Will she ever find happiness?

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why is marriage on the agenda 1  1

I couldn't get myself to like this one much. I mean the heroine is a woman who has a job and a mind but she clamps down when it comes to crummy fiancee, disappointed parents, and the hero. The fiancee got ticked at her for being late even though it wasn't her fault with the extended meetings and heavy downpour. Her fiancee ignores her at the party and her parents side with him about she shouldn't be working, don't disappoint us, etc. Here I am sitting and thinking, "Way to boost your daughter's confidence when she's proven to be a capable woman. So, the hero pulls her in for a dance after her fiancee snubs her but she wants to use him in order to get back at her fiancee for kissing a woman in public. Are you kidding me?! What are you trying to one up on him when you should be throwing his engagement ring in his face and heading off to have some real fun?? I was one the hero's side when he rejected her because nobody wants to be used like that!! That's not even the best part because when the heroine tries to make up with the stupid fiancee, he blows her off to be with some blonde chick!! I was begging her to throw that stupid ring but she doesn't. Now, I don't understand this heroine's process of thinking because she was engaged before to another man but she found him in bed with another woman and cancelled her engagement with him. So, it doesn't make sense to me of why she's sticking to the fiancee like glue when he's doing just what the ex-fiancee does. In fact, this goes on throughout the novel, even when the heroine begins a relationship with the hero. It only starts getting better when the heroine actually breaks off her engagement to the man when he starts getting violent. Then the hero gets the heroine to come in for a job where he confesses that he's in love her and wants to marry her. She accepts and they hop into bed. He's also from an elite family, something to boil the heroine's parents and ex-fiancee over. To wrap it all up, the hero announces his identity and the fiancee is kissing his boots in order to keep his job. It's all a happy ending but I wasn't pleased with the plot.

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Unpleasing story 1  1

There are so many unpleasing things in this story starting from the beginning till the end. I couldnt comprehend the girl at all. First, she rejected her fiance advance because of her trauma. And next few hours, she was sleeping with a man she just met. It doesnt make any sense at all. And im also unsatisfied with the ending. Just because the hero is some significant person with load of money, her parents approved of him. I feel like the story moves too fast and lack of development between both MC. I dont even know why the heroine fall for the hero except for his face, which make her like some shallow character. There should be more scene from the past to make it more convincing.

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