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“Come home within twenty-four hours and get married.” Keira is dumbstruck by her father’s orders. Women have no rights in her home country, Baraka, the land of the desert. Keira was raised by her mother in England and cannot see herself living in Baraka. It is Sheikh Nuri, the brother of the sultan of Baraka, who helpeds her in her time of need. He also happens to be her first crush. She agrees to pretend to be his lover in order to escape the arranged marriage. But little does she know that behind the sweet words of the man with olive skin and amber eyes lurks a plot.

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it was fine. 3  3

It's a real spin for the heroine in the next 24 hours of getting a call from her father that he wants her to marry a man suddenly when she's been living in the states with her divorced mother for a number of years. Then she gets nearly kidnapped by men in black suits but is saved by the hero who states that the heroine is his lover. They head off to London to throw the heroine's father off from forcing her to marry a man who the hero states is a very bad man. She also meets one of the hero's exes who talks about how she's only the next plaything for the heroine but the heroine doesn't let it bother her. Yet, she doesn't want the hero to kiss because she believes he doesn't want her. It's untrue that he doesn't want, it's just that he doesn't love her. When the hero leaves, she kidnapped again and is nearly put in a bad situation till the hero comes in to save her. He states that they are already married and that there's nothing nobody can do about it. So, they get married that day and nothing happens on their wedding night. Later on, the heroine learns the father was being threatened by the groom candidate to approve their marriage or he would kill the heroine. However, before they do anything, the heroine confesses to being raped at a party the hero was at. The hero leaves and the heroine doesn't see him for a while. When he comes back, she tells him that she's no ashamed. He hugs her and tells her that he believe in her and he only left to take revenge on the man who hurt the heroine. I liked how the ending went with them with tier confession of love and it was a good plot.

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