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Meg, a worker at a resort on Magnetic Island, Australia, finds an old antique bottle on the shore one night. Inside is a letter from a soldier to his beloved wife written sixty years ago, when he realized he probably wouldn't be coming home alive. Before long, the story spreads far and wide, reaching his grandson Sam in Seattle. He comes to Magnetic Island to take the letter, and in an instant, he steals Meg’s heart with his sky-blue eyes and movie-star looks. But she’s nothing but a fling to him…or so she thinks, until one night of passion and romance!

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the right title 5  5

In many harlequins, we can find that titles being either extremely exaggerated or literally have nothing to do with the meaning or plot line of the story at all. In contrast, this book's title, "The pregnancy discovery" was right on the ball. To begin, the heroine finds a romantic last good-bye love letter from a soldier who died WW2 to his wife. The bottle is plastered across every newspaper and spoken on television till the hero finds out that it's his grandfather's letter. So, he goes down there to get the facts straight and meets the heroine. The two of them seem to be building a great relationship from their little fights and agreements. That is until, the real wife of the man who died shows up. This frightens the hero because the reason why the grandmother claimed to be married to this man was because she became pregnant out of wedlock and during her time and family status, the scandal was a no go. The hero has to go back home to prepare the company for legalization that the company is theirs as well as a few other things. He tells the heroine that he'll be back be after a couple of months, the heroine learns of her pregnancy, calls the hero only to receive a woman's voice on the end, hangs up, and decides to never contact him again. Although, the hero tries to keep in contact as much as he can, even calling the soldier's real wife who lies because the heroine asked her to. Finally, after eight months of the business hurricane, the hero is in the clear to see the heroine. He drives to the real wife's house and gets the surprise of his life: the heavily pregnant heroine. The heroine is still bitter towards the heroine and I have to say, the hero did handle the best he could, considering he just found out that he is going to be a dad in a few short weeks. He leaves after the heroine and him have a spat and does something that I gave him a lot of brownie points for: goes to the library, finds all the books he can on pregnancy, birth, and babies, and reads them. Then, he calls the heroine to set up a homemade dinner for her like asking what she can and cannot eat. Then asks to go to the birthing classes with her. I really liked their interactions with the other attendants, especially the hero with the other fathers and their response to him being out of the birthing room. It was great and they seem to be doing well but I was a little disappointed over something. The heroine didn't want the hero to be involved in their baby's life and the hero agreed that he would leave them alone after the baby was born. I really didn't like that at all but I did let it slide when the hero had to become the unofficial midwife when the heroine went into labor. That was interesting and I did like the ending; basically the book is something that you should read.

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