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In order to save her luxury department store, Sullivan’s, Caroline was forced into a political marriage. She broke up with her lover, Roman, without telling him anything, and he was ousted from the company, too. Now, five years later, after building up enormous wealth and power on his own, he has returned for revenge. He left empty-handed, but now he’s a man who takes everything he desires—all that’s left is Sullivan’s…and Caroline. More intimidating than ever, Roman’s set his sights on the widowed Caroline’s body and soul!

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the hurt hero 3  3

The hero is back for revenge on the lover who spurned him and married a wealthy man when he was a poor. Now, the tables are reversed with the heroine being a widow and mother as the hero closes in on his takeover of her family's company. He practically rubs it in her face of how he's going to take over the company and force the heroine and her family (doesn't know about the single mom thing, yet) out onto the streets then will hire her as a maid. However, it's obvious that the two of them are still attracted to each other. The hero suffered a lot from not only losing the heroine but also his job and pride. So the hero takes the heroine, her son, and her Manny to the Caribbean sea to talk business. The Manny is the fairy godfather with giving sound advice to the heroine and seeing right past the anger and ruthlessness to see a man still in love. I actually really enjoyed the scenes involving the son and the Manny. It doesn't take long for the hero to see the similarities between himself and the boy and find out that the heroine was pregnant at the time. He loses it in front of the heroine and her companions. In fact, the whole scene makes the son scared of the hero who's hurt to see the fear of his recently discovered son. The hero runs off to think alone and the Manny goes after him to straighten everything out. He reveals to the hero that the heroine was forced to marry the man who was the Manny's lover because his parents couldn't accept him being gay. The parents held shares of the heroine's family company and threatened that if the heroine didn't marry the man then they would sell their shares to their rivals. Even the heroine's parents, despite being threatened were happy with the arrangement. Afterwards, the heroine found herself pregnant and confides in her gay husband and his lover. They take care of each other but even after hearing the truth, the hero isn't ready to let go of the anger and pain. Then in the next 12 hours, the hero and heroine have a talk, a passionate night, and a morning with news that they are getting married..........today. Then the hero leaves for New York for business purposes but during his absence, the heroine finds out that takeover by the hero's company was completed. She goes after him but their meeting ends on a sour note with the heroine fainting. She wakes up after two days of hardcore sleep with the hero showing her the papers that she's still the owner of her family's company and he went back to New York to prevent someone else from taking over the heroine's family company. The two have a heart to heart conversation with confessions of love. Then we skip to a couple of years where the Manny is studying in France with a new lover and the our main couple is expecting a second child. It's a very sweet ending and I did enjoy reading this book.

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