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A nude portrait called Mirror Woman made the painter Stefan famous. Marco’s heart was captured by the sexual beauty of the piece, so he made Antonia, the woman who modeled for the painting, his lover. Their relationship might seem good, but Marco’s family will never accept a woman of unknown origins who worked as a nude model. Marco is a member of one of Milan’s most prestigious families, and as long as he remains undecided about Antonia, the two of them have no future together. But Marco can’t seem to understand that, and Antonia'’s heart is growing more tired of waiting as each day goes by.

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it was fine. 3  3

It's an interesting sort of story with some commonalities like the hero seemingly underestimating the heroine. They're in a physical relationship that started with the nude portrait that was praised for its beauty but a lot of the people in the country of Italy sneer at the heroine for being the model. The hero is happy to have the heroine as his girlfriend since she is a beauty as shown in the portrait but he never pushes to get to know her at all. Then there's the fact that she doesn't open up to him at all about her life or her hobbies. Even the question about what's her relationship with the artist that she even lived with the man for ten years was, a questions that has the hero near tearing out his hair. However, the heroine won't give him the satisfaction of telling him and keeps it a secret. Then at the party, the heroine runs into the artist and the hero runs into an ex who's got the mother's approval to marry the hero. The two of them have some sort of battle of not caring if the other is with an ex but it's obvious that the both of them are faithful to each other. Sadly, both are being shut clams with wanting the other person to open up but they won't open up themselves. Another sad thing, is the hero has no idea that the heroine makes a modest living of investing and stockbroking; that requires one to have a good brain. So, the two of them go the artist's gallery where the artist reveals the true identity of the model being the heroine's mother and not the heroine. The heroine isn't happy with the artist's revelation but he's a man who raised her as his own and despite his promise to her, he just couldn't stand the way people belittled the heroine. The heroine wanted to have the public's eye focus on her rather than her mother in order to protect her mother's reputation but the artist retorts that the mother wouldn't have wanted the heroine to go through all of that sneering for her sake. The hero is shocked as well to learn of this newfound information. The hero tries to scold the artist for selling it but the artist retorts how he was drawn to the model's body as well having his friends judge the heroine for it. The example is shown when the hero introduces the heroine to his mother who snubs her right in public to talk with the ex. The hero is humiliated, angered, and ashamed by his mother's poor behavior. The heroine runs off with the hero running after her, she tries to pack and leave but the hero seduces her into bed to keep her from leaving. It only lasts a few hours because the hero wakes up to find her gone. then the both of them go to see their parents. The heroine meet her father for the first time whose family circumstance with rank over love tore the heroine's parents apart. The hero comes back to the apartment to find it empty and goes on a wild search that ends with him waiting at the heroine's secret place. She's really surprised to find him there and the two have a heated discussion that goes out into the street. The talk between opens up for both to see that the hero is truly in love with them and they pull in for a kiss. The story ends on a happy note with the hero and heroine planning for their wedding.

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It was okay 3  3

Well, there’s a lot of mystery about the heroine (her painting, the relationship btwn her and the painter, financial sustainability) and thats cause the hero to fickle with uncertainty. However, i can totally understand why the heroine felt reluctant to share her secrets. With the way people judged and treated her, no wonder she having hard time to trust people. And the way the hero acted and talked doesnt make it any better. He kept on pressuring her to tell the truth and when she did not, he took her to bed. I just doesnt favor the hero because he doesnt show any sign that he trust her at the beginning. He only did that when the truth are being revealed. And it seems that the only reason they are in relationship was his possessiveness towards her.

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