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Melinda works as a vet in a peaceful village in Cornwall. Her relationship with Dragan, a doctor, is a well-known fact among the villagers. She becomes elated after Dragan proposes to her, but there’s a big secret that she has to share with him now that they are engaged. She’s the princess of a small Mediterranean island, Contarini. But while waiting for the right time to tell Dragan the truth, she receives tragic news about her brother’s sudden death. She’s then forced to fly back home. What will happen to the throne and her love for Dragan?

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I loved this book so much. It's because it's simple with a little fantasy twist. We have a heroine and hero meet because of an accident on the road involving a dog and when the animal is healed the hero takes him. The two of them live in a small town; heroine is a veterinarian and the hero is a medical doctor. The simple love blossoms with them hanging out, going for walks, having dinner and so forth. It goes so well that the hero proposes but the heroine has a pretty big secret: she is a veterinarian but she is also a princess. Before, she can tell the hero, she is called home because her brother got killed into an accident. The hero doesn't learn of the heroine's heritage till the paparazzi come and he handled them the best he could so brownie points to them. I also liked how the town stood up against the paparazzi because they know the heroine is a good person and they respect her privacy. The heroine is being forced by her parents to take the throne even though, her sister and her state that the sister is the better choice. She goes back to the little village to reunite with the hero who coldly rejects because one of the royals bodyguards asked him to reject the heroine for her own good. The heroine is heartbroken over the hero and the two of them are in a slump for the next couple of weeks. The pair's friends try to convince them to get back together. The heroine only goes to the hero because she finds out that she is pregnant and the hero finds her collapsed on his front porch and goes into panic mode. I love their confession of love between the two of them in that hospital room. It was adorable and the ending was the icing on top. It was a book worth reading.

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