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Eleanor, an event planner working in New York, is nervous about meeting an important client. However, the client who shows up at her office is Jace, the old lover she lost her innocence to. But ten years ago he was a coward and, after discovering she was pregnant, disappeared without a word. He once was kind but is now a cruel and heartless entrepreneur. Even now he insists that Eleanor is lying about her child’s parentage and insists she is nothing but a conniving gold digger. How can she possibly work with this man?

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unclear and clear 4  4

I did like this book even though, there were some sad points. The hero and heroine meet in college. They start dating and everything goes well till the heroine tells the hero that she's pregnant. He leaves without a word and the baby dies at 6 months in the heroine's pregnancy. The hero heartbroken over the hero's abandonment and her baby's death becomes the very thing that she never wanted to be: her career driven mother. The two reunite after a decade with the heroine being hired by the hero as a party coordinator for his company. The heroine holds contempt from the hero's reappearance. When the heroine tells him of the child's gender, his cold words were, "It's none of my business" made me quite upset. We only find out later that the hero believed that the child couldn't be his because he got sick at the age of 15 that made him unable to father any children. I did like that we see the hero and heroine's perspective on the situation and their lives. It takes another fight for them to resolve their thinking, especially the hero's who goes to the heroine's apartment later that night to get the full story. I liked how they slowly start reconnecting with each other with the bumps along the road. Now, what made me sick in this entire book was the hero's father. The father had cut off any emotional attachment to his son because he can't have children. How cruel and vain he is because instead of taking over the company, the hero has made his own way as some form of apology to the father when he has nothing to apologize over since it wasn't his fault about his permanent condition. Now, this is the last part of the book that I liked; we liked that while it's low, it's not impossible for the hero to father a child and we're left at that. It is clear that the hero and heroine are marrying and going to spend their life together. Yet, the possibility of them becoming parents is unclear but doesn't matter because they are together because they want to be together.

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