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Maggie is a twenty-nine-year-old lawyer still burdened by her unrequited first love from ten years ago. She feels too cowardly to move on, and her love life has been stagnant ever since, but one day, she gets a call from her first love, Matt! He wants to hire her as his personal lawyer. Maggie’s heart is pounding at the thought of being able to reunite with him after ten years. However, at their meeting place, she encounters a man she did not expect. After Maggie quits her job and is hired by Matt, he proposes a marriage of convenience, but Maggie is unsure of what step to take. However, time is running out and she must decide…

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thinking about your first love 5  5

The heroine harbors a spark for her first love and the mysterious Tarzan who has been frequenting the gym she goes despite being engaged to another man. what I don't understand is why is the woman marrying a man she's not comfortable with, doesn't even like it when he call her "my sweet little pumpkin". Soon, the heroine is meets Tarzan and her first love because they're one and the same. The hero has called the heroine on a business meeting to help him with some legal business on his inheritance. Now, the heroine makes the decision of telling her fiancee she's not marrying him but it never comes because her older sister comes with a divorce in the process and a sour attitude. Not only that, but the hero is invited over for dinner and it's funny to see how the heroine's brother and hero react to the fiancee's nickname for her. To top it all off, the sister whines about how the heroine has it all, while she has nothing. Hmmmm, I feel something foreboding coming on. The hero and heroine then go on a business dinner where they learn something interesting things like the hero hospitalized from suffering lung cancer that caused him to miss his dad's funeral and their last meeting was in the hospital that didn't go well. Then the heroine moves out of her parents home because she finds her sister and her fiancee getting it on. I don't blame for not saying anything and just getting out of there despite the sister's rude accusations. Now, here is where the hero gets some major brownie points; he finds the heroine and takes her to his home to relax and collect herself. He draws her a bath and when she tries to seduce despite being intoxicated, he resists thinking of the heroine's feelings first if they ever did it. Another thing I liked is seeing the hero's thoughts and we see that he still is in love with the heroine. The heroine's father comes over and it goes from one thing to another and suddenly the heroine and hero are in a "fake" marriage because (you can apply to be married at a las vegas wedding website or something). Afterwards, the hero and heroine go to dinner where the hero makes his statement that he's truly in love with the heroine and but when things start to get hot, then heroine immediately cools down and the night ends with a sour note because the heroine is thinking more on her parents' opinions than the hero's feelings. However, it's not long before the hero and heroine dive into their feelings and the bed. Then the hero reveals the heavy stuff like it was lung cancer, going bald is the reason why he doesn't cut his Tarzan hair, and the chemo treatments have made him infertile. None of it makes the heroine turn away from the hero and they seem to deepen their relationship. Then the heroine has doubts when her friend who was also the hero's friend says all these bad things about the hero, which is a surprise for me because why would you say things. The friend says she saw the heroine's sister getting out of the hero's car late at night one time. The heroine ends with conversation still defending the hero and I agree because innocent until proven guilty. Then the heroine find information that lead her to doubt the hero but I was shocked that the heroine's parents wanted to have a family dinner (as in the sister who's living with the now ex-fiancee) together. Awkwardness is the best word to describe the atmosphere at the dinner table. The heroine and sister have a confrontation where the sister tells the truth about the car situation: hero gave her a ride when she was walking from the next town to home (12 kilometers) and he rejected her advances. Fortunately, the heroine and her sister are able to rebuild the bridge between them. The heroine falls asleep and awakens to the hero sleeping beside her. It's here that there are only good news: the hero's test came back negative in recurring, he didn't know about the clue, and the friend calls back. The friend admits that she was in love with the hero back then, was doing what she could to either keep them all friends or keep them apart. It was a lovely ending with the fastest wedding done that I have ever read. I enjoyed reading this comic.

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