Passion Romance A GAME OF VOWS

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On the day of her wedding, Hannah put on her wedding dress and got in a car headed to the chapel. However, the person driving the car was her ex-husband, Eduardo—her former boss, whom she was married to for half a year, over five years ago. In the car, Eduardo surprises Hannah by telling her that their marriage is still valid. He half threatens her by saying that if she wants a divorce, she’ll have to help him restructure his company. Hannah reluctantly agrees with this proposal and follows along, leaving behind her groom in the chapel…

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they both had secrets to resolve 3  3

The hero and heroine were in a marriage in order to keep the heroine's secret of falsifying documents about her identity and graduating from a college in order to get a job at the hero's company. Yet, the heroine ran from the hero and was about to get married to another man five years later till the hero caught her. He gives her a job opportunity but she has to come back as his wife and after the job is done then he'll divorce her. The heroine agrees and texts her assistant and the groom of the change of plans. The heroine wasn't even marrying the guy for love but only because it seemed logical. Throughout this book, we see that the heroine is carrying a lot of baggage from her past of being in a bad home then the guilt of being happy when she gave up her baby boy to a kind couple who paid her the money she used for that new start. Personally, I don't feel like she should feel guilty because she was only a teenager at the time who was giving her boy to a couple that would love him with all their hearts and make him want for nothing. The heroine isn't the only one with baggage on her back because the hero is the same with a secret that not even his family know about: the damage to his head is much more severe to the point where he needs assistance from time to time. It takes time for the two to open up to each other and it takes an unexpected pregnancy to push them along. We see how the two progress with dealing with the pregnancy and the hero's memories and cognitive responses. At first the heroine tells him to divorce her because she doesn't want to burden him. The next day, she kidnaps to open her heart about everything and confess that she loves the hero and he loves her too. The two make a decision to make their marriage real and face the future together. The story ends where the hero is comforting the heroine from being overjoyed at being so happy when holding her newborn daughter.

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