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An unfounded scandal has ended Jamie’s dreams of being an actress and sent her back to her hometown after fifteen years in New York. At around the same time, Trevor, a widower with two children, also returned back home from the city. He and Jamie were a couple in their teenage years, and he was Jamie’s first love. One day Jamie saves Trevor’s son from drowning, and as a thank-you, Trevor invites her for dinner. Long-forgotten, bittersweet memories are resurrected, and her love for him is reignited. But how long will it be before Jamie’s scandal reaches Trevor’s ears?

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not seeing the beauty 4  4

The hero and heroine were an interesting pair. They dated back in high school but the hero had a set plans of becoming a great lawyer and marrying some girl from an upper crust family. In order to do that, he completely rejected the heroine and left her with a broken heart. The heroine goes to New York and becomes an actress, playing the role of an evil woman. After some years have passed, both have come back to their home town in order to get away from recent events that have left them scarred. They meet because the heroine saved the hero's little boy from drowning. Now, I would like to note about the nanny because of her irresponsibility. I know from experience that it's hard to look over two young children at a swimming pool but instead of getting a secondhand small vest or at the very least, arm-wing floaties for the little boy, she just makes him sit at the edge of the pool because he can't swim, while she plays with his baby sister. I really wanted to shriek at the lady because who leaves a small child who can't swim the edge of a pool, with no air compacted devices to support him in case he falls. The hero is grateful for the heroine's rescue. Then his mother, bless her soul won't take no for an answer when she invites the heroine to a thank you dinner. The children are entranced with the heroine as is their father. After that, they keep running and running into each other till they form a social and physical relationship of a budding romance. Things start go to well till the hero catches whiff of the trashy magazines of what they write about the heroine being a home wrecker. This pushes the hero to cut off their relationship because of his recent trauma with his dead wife from the upper crust family cheating on him through the phone. However, the heroine has a great come back about trashy magazines and has the last word. The hero realizes too late of what he has lost and his attempts to talks to her are pushed away because she's done with his treatment. Now, I understand the hero went through some hard times with but as a lawyer he never thought to look a little deeper. Instead of cutting off their relationship off through phone, he should have sat down with her and said, "I have heard things but I want to hear it from you because I care." The heroine only comes to the hero, so he can see his brother who has been in a terrible accident to watch over his children. The heroine may have played an evil character but she is definitely a woman with a gold heart. The hero comes back and attempts to rekindle their relationship but the heroine douses it with cold words. The heroine only gives the hero a second chance because she sees the way he is with his children and remembers why she fell in love with him. It was a great book but I would have liked just a teeny more groveling to the amount that the hero did.

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